Streetfilms: Halloween Mass in San Francisco

This week’s events make Halloween seem like a long time ago, but it was only last Friday when Clarence Eckerson, on a west coast jaunt for Streetfilms, shot this video of Critical Mass in San Francisco. Some think it was the city’s biggest mass ride ever. Clarence offers a possible explanation:

With monthly rides under attack in some cities,
it is interesting to see the tactic that San Francisco takes. The
police department is practically hands off, and the ride is very
peaceful and non-confrontational. Even drivers and spectators don’t
seem to mind the action.

"So," Clarence wonders, "why can’t it be the same in NYC?"

  • the ride is very peaceful and non-confrontational.

    …Bwa? The SFPD is hand-off *because* they’d have a riot on their hands if they tried to do anything. But hey, thank god Critical Mass is there to make sure all those sons of bitches on the J Church won’t know what time they’ll get home *this* month.

  • Yeah. I lived in SF for 6 years and Critical Mass is pretty much detested by 50% of that city. And the Halloween CM is abhorred. People skip work or leave early just to avoid the mess. The SFPD and the city are at the mercy of the CM crew. And so it goes on, but the grumbling is loud and the tension is just below the surface at all times. Remember also that the West Coast in general have fewer police officers per resident than the East Coast. There is only so much they can do to curtail something like this. There aren’t enough police officers do anything more than monitor.