Accomodating Bike Speeds by Re-timing Signals on Valencia Street

As the cyclists in this video point out, re-timing signals for bike speeds (Green Wave) would make roads safer for all street users on Valencia Street. Before
even mentioning re-timing signals, this was many cyclists’ top request
to improve their journey.

Recently, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) found that
during peak commute times vehicles run more efficiently when signals
are timed at the speeds they actually travel during congestion — 12 to
15 mph — rather than the current 25 mph. Major bike streets in
Portland, the Netherlands and Denmark have been timed for bike speeds and
now it is time for San Francisco to ride the Green Wave! For more information read my previous SF Streetsblog article on the topic.

  • The first question I asked Chris Daly on inauguration day in 2001 was, that they’d been in office a few hours and why the Market Street signals had not yet been retimed for bicycles?


  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    What about the issue of signal timing in general. There’s lot of signal stupidity all over town. My (least) favorite example is Sansome at Bush, where the eastbound traffic on Bush enjoys a cycle four times longer than the north/south traffic on Sansome, despite the fact that the Sansome traffic is at least ten times more numerous, if you count the pedestrians, which of course you should do. Another example is the absolute signal preemption enjoyed by the cable car on Powell from Market to California which delays *six* express, one limited, and four local bus lines in favor of a few tens of tourists. Or take the signal at 4th and King which gravely delays the T and the N, each of which can carry a hundred people, in favor of freeway drivers.

    Signal timing all over San Francisco needs to be rethought with a rational approach.

  • Andrew Hyder

    Please, please, please let this happen. Taking BART from 24th to Downtown is faster than riding, only because of all the red lights.

  • Lee

    I bike and drive up and down Valencia often between 24th and Market. I’ve been paying attention to light timing after reading this post. The narrator in the video states “the signals are timed for cars at 25 miles per hour.” Maybe I’m missing something but that does not seem to be the case at all. Valencia isn’t a green wave in either direction.

    I would love to see a car and/or bike green wave going north-south somewhere around the mission. Maybe Guerrero, Dolores, South Van Ness or another street. But there are no green waves right now.