Today’s Headlines

  • President Obama Urges Stimulus Passage Without Republican Support (WaPo)
  • Bay Area Activists Should Urge Pelosi to Rescue the Stimulus Package (Beyond Chron)
  • Newsom Won’t Be Among California Mayors in D.C. to Plead for Stim Money (Merc)
  • Oakland Cyclist Who Was Victim of Hit-n-Run Still in Hospital (CBS5)
  • China Close to Taking Over as the World’s Number One Auto Market (NPR)
  • BART Moving Forward With Its Warm Springs Extension (KCBS)
  • Muni Releases Translink Survey (Akit’s Complaint Department)
  • Life Within Walking Distance (Rebuilding Place via Streetsblog Network)
  • Fremont Planning Commission Pick Not Sitting Well With Some (Merc)