Have You Been Injured in a Pedestrian Crash? We Want to Talk to You

ped.jpgHave you, or someone you know, been injured by a car while walking in SF or the Bay Area? Tell your story in a Streetfilm. We want to make pedestrian injury statistics come alive with actual experiences. Here is your chance to help make San Francisco safer for pedestrians.

As we’ve been reporting,  San Francisco is the fourth most dangerous city for pedestrians in the U.S. The victim in one of the latest crashes is a former Oakland Tribune reporter.

We want to put faces on the victims of these crashes and tell their stories but we need your help getting them to come forward.

Please email to tips@sf.streetsblog.org.

  • Might be interesting to just get some people who are pedestrians in the city that haven’t been physically battered but who experience the constant, ‘soft’ harassment of (impatient) motorists in the city.

    One doesn’t need to be physically injured to have a solid grievance against traffic policies–mental well-being is also compromised by the aggregation of a thousand revved engines, etc.

  • Yes, after a few minutes on the corner of Harrison and 4th we already got plenty of pedestrians’ accounts of their experiences with impatient motorists.