Today’s Headlines

  • Automakers Come Back to Public Feed Trough for $14 Billion (SF Gate) (NYT)
  • Obama Signs Stimulus Bill Into Law (NYT)
  • The Politics Behind Obama's Funding of High Speed Rail in Stim Package (Politico)
  • Reaction to Politico Article at HSR Blog (CHSRB)
  • Transpo Sec LaHood on How Stim Money Will Be Spent (Transportation for America)
  • Good Analysis of the David Brooks Editorial on Sprawl and Density (Joe Urban, Discovering Urbanism)
  • Sac Bee Editorial Questioning the Move to Transform Planning and Design Commissions (Sac Bee)
  • Muni Will Restore Right-Turn Beeping Noise (City Insider)
  • Muni Seeks to Prevent Car Drivers From Entering Train Tunnels (Examiner)