Streetfilms: Seattle’s Bus Chick on the Rewards of the Riding Life

Carla Saulter pens a very eclectic blog called Bus Chick, Transit Authority, which you can find on the Seattle Post Intelligencer’s web site.

Carla, who lives car-free with her husband and young daughter, is all about riding transit and inspiring
others to do the same. The bus has indeed figured prominently in her life: she
met her husband on the bus; riding has provided her with a creative
outlet for stories and interesting anecdotes; and she named her first
child for the most renowned bus rider in history.

I was bowled over when I heard that Carla actually went by bus to
give birth at the hospital (not to mention to come home
afterward). I knew then and there that I needed to profile her. I just wish I lived closer to the
Bus Chick family so I could ride the bus with them more

  • Yes! BusChick is a great example for car-free families! There are some good local examples too, spotted on occasion.

    But it’s such an insidious dogma that kids require cars, especially among the new generation of people choosing to raise kids in an urban environment as a mark of prestige. If kids don’t develop a facility with public transit and a sense of direction in the public space relatively early on, I think it deprives them of some inherent understanding later. Viz, a majority of Muni-related whining in the blogosphere comes from people who quite obviously got driven to soccer practice.