Streetfilms: Take a Ride on the Seattle Streetcar

Seattle’s South Lake Union Streetcar is a 1.3-mile line that opened in December 2007, the first leg in the city’s commitment to new transit and light rail. It passed the half million passenger milestone in its first year, surpassing ridership projections.

The streetcar features many top-of-the-line tech amenities, including real time arrival message boards, solar-powered ticket vending machines, and human-activated doors to save energy while the train is in layover mode. If you go to the Seattle Streetcar web site, you can find out the next arrival time and actually watch the streetcars moving via GPS trackers.

As you’ll see in the film, development is booming along the South Lake Union corridor. "If you build it, they will come" certainly seems to apply here.

  • We went to Seattle on our honeymoon. We took a ride on the SLU(T) on our way from downtown to the U of Washington area. It was a nice ride, the driver was really nice, and we stayed at the Pan Pacific which was right next to a stop (with a Whole Foods right there also). Everything was very accessible.

  • I like the train. I like the station design. It looks so easy to hop on. But 11 stops in 1.3 miles??? This means one stop on every street corner. 1.3 miles is about the distance from Ferry building to 6th St.

  • Steve

    Wai Yip Tung –

    I think it’s 11 stops for the round trip (i.e. spread out over 2.6 miles) — or about 6 in each 1.3 mile direction. Which is a lot of stops by light rail or subway standards, but not crazy for a streetcar.