Today’s Headlines

  • Board of Supervisors "Poised to Reject" MTA Budget (KCBS)
  • Will Muni Fare Hikes Really Raise New Revenue? (SFBG)
  • Beyond Chron: "Muni Cuts Betray Promise of the Transit Effectiveness Project"
  • Caltrain Board of Directors to Consider Fiscal Emergency, Higher Fares, Cuts (Merc)
  • Downtown San Jose High-Speed Rail Would Benefit an A’s Stadium (Merc)
  • SFCTA Study Released on Geary Boulevard BRT (SF Examiner)
  • Double-Fine Zone on 19th Avenue Appears to Have Reduced Crashes (SF Examiner)
  • Matier & Ross: "More Bicycle Crashes on Golden Gate Bridge"
  • Sacramento Kicks Off "May Is Bike Month" Campaign (Sac Bee)
  • Tango Gives PUMA a Run for Its Money (RT Rider via
  • Robert

    Seems like everyone want to blame the tourist. Without giving a thought to local riders.

    I ride a tandem bicycle across quite often. The tourist annoy me, but the local riders scare me. Prospects of having someone run into me going 20+ is not pleasant.

  • How did Caltrain get into such a mess?? Did I miss something?

  • Re: SFCTA Study Released on Geary Boulevard BRT
    Does anyone know why they estimate that surface light rail would cost more than 10 times as much as BRT?
    The general rule I have heard is that light rail cost somewhat more than twice as much as BRT.