Today’s Headlines

  • CBS5 Raises Questions About Police Costs for Critical Mass (Eye on Blogs)
  • CHSRB Responds to Palo Alto Vice Mayor’s Call for Abolishment of High-Speed Rail Commish
  • BART Moves Ahead with 20-Year Plan to Upgrade Aging Trains (SF Examiner)
  • Professor Questions Whether Bay Area Toll Lanes Will Make Money (East Bay Express)
  • LA Metrolink Agrees to Pay Former Spokesperson $135,000 (LAT)
  • Bike Portland: "Local High School Does Bike Parking Right" 
  • Strange Bus Stops from Around the World (Toxel)
  • House Dems Agree to Subsidize Car Purchases in Climate Bill (WSJ, NYT)
  • CNN Senior Producer Will Become Ray LaHood’s Press Secretary (WaPo
  • Planning Transportation in Abu Dhabi (TOW via
  • the greasy bear

    CBS5 profits by using Critical Mass to whip up even more bad feelings between everyday motorists and everyday cyclists.

    Any objective journalist’s analysis of the costs incurred by different types of travel on SF streets would show private automobiles cost the city *far* more than cyclists ever could. Alas, in San Francisco, the establishment indulges driving as a divine right. It’s just easier to whip up hate against cyclists whose pressing needs cannot be met legally, for 1,051 days and counting.

    With “journalism” like this, is it any surprise San Francisco leads America in reactionary hatred, and obstruction, of the national urban cycling movement?

  • Pat

    Critical Mass is not an event, it is more of a coincidence. It just so happens that a ton of people want to go on a bike ride starting at Justin Herman Plaza once a month. It is fun to ride with a lot of people, so they ride together. The police show up on their own. You can’t really charge for coincidences or shut down coincidences.