Wade Crowfoot Leaves Mayor’s Office for EDF

Wade Crowfoot, Mayor Gavin Newsom's Director of Climate Change Initiatives, quietly transitioned out of his role in city government last Friday to become the West Coast Legislative and Political Director at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a new post created just for him. His portfolio will be primarily climate, water safety, and oceans. Transportation and transit won't be as central to his work as it was for Mayor Newsom, except as it relates to climate change.

Crowfoot, who has always been very open and forthcoming with Streetsblog, even when the Mayor's communications staff wasn't, said the new position was a great career opportunity and he couldn't pass it up. He denied that his leaving now had anything to do with dissatisfaction at the Mayor's office.

"It's always tough to leave when you love your work and the folks you're working with," said Crowfoot. "I would have loved to have the offer one year from now."

Crowfoot was very instrumental in launching Sunday Streets and said he will continue to help fundraising for it and be active as needed with Pavement to Parks plaza trials. Johanna Partin, formerly of the Department of the Environment, will take over as Director of Climate Initiatives.

When asked if he thought the city would continue to implement trials and attempt to carve out more street space from cars, Crowfoot was optimistic. "I think there is a sea change and broad recognition that there's a different way to think about streets. Sunday Streets created a lot of momentum and now it's about institutionalizing the initiatives. The Mayor is talking about expanding and making things like Sunday Streets permanent."