Streetfilms: The Final Sunday Streets of 2009

Despite a blanket of fog, the last Sunday Streets of 2009 was, from all accounts, a smashing success, one of the most popular so far, with thousands of people enjoying four activity-filled hours of pristine car-free space through Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway.

John Hamilton, who produced a very inspiring Streetfilm on San Francisco’s first Sunday Streets, set out Sunday morning to capture the final hurrah of 2009 and the result is another colorful, fun piece featuring kids, families, bicyclists, skaters, dancers, MTA Chief Nat Ford and many more. Enjoy!  

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    @4:15 that’s a really great look for Nat Ford.

  • It was another fun Sunday Streets! My husband, two daughters and I ended up riding 15 miles altogether. There was a bit of crazy congestion at Taraval Street–lots of bicycles trying to squeeze through very narrow spaces. Maybe the booths and activities could be more spread out so as not to create such a bottleneck? I’m wondering, too, as these events get more successful and more crowded, if we could have the under five mph crowd (walkers, tiny kids on tiny bikes, strollers, etc.) generally stay to the right and the over the five mph crowd stay to the left? (And no one walking/biking against the flow of traffic? That’s what the other side of the road is for!)

    Funny that there were so many people at Sunday Streets this time, even the Great Highway didn’t seem big enough for the event. We may have to try closing down Fell and Oak Streets. (Okay, just kidding. But how about Market Street?) Thanks to all the hard-working people who made it happen.

  • Evil Car Driver

    The Evil Car Driver abandoned her evil car for the freedom of the Great Highway. She learned that riding on a funcycle with five other interesting people was a lot more enjoyable than being in her evil car. She is hoping someday that she will be able to funcycle-commute to work! Yay for Sunday Streets.

  • I agree with “taomom” that there should be more oversight over traffic flow, given the massive number of people participating. This is a good thing! It means that Sunday Streets has taken on such mass that bicycle, skate and foot traffic needs regulation.

    I should point out, though, that one of the time lapse videos in my film is a bit misleading. There’s a shot of people heading in opposing directions on one side of the Great Highway. This was taken during the final ten minutes, when the police cordoned off the west side of the highway to pedestrians, cars, skaters and cyclists alike. Only during these waning moments did the fish swim upstream, so to speak.

    Thanks for watching!

  • Pat

    it would definitely be amazing to see all the routes happen simultaneously, though that might be a drain on volunteers. Sunday Streets every Sunday sounds good too. FYI that roller skating thing happens pretty much every weekend day in GG Park if any of you people like skating