Better Streets Plan Discussion on KALW Radio Tonight


City Visions Radio will be discussing the Better Streets Plan tonight, looking "into San Francisco’s evolving bicycle and pedestrian plans, and how this ties into a long-term vision for San Francisco’s streets."

Host Joseph Pace will be joined by Marc Caswell, the program manager for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Manish Champsee, the president of Walk SF, and Gabriel Metcalf, the executive director of SPUR.

The program will explore the Bike Plan and improvements envisioned for the pedestrian realm: "What does the plan have in store to improve and expand San Francisco’s
bike network, as well as make the streets safer for bicyclists? How
will this be balanced with pedestrian safety and improvements to the
city’s walkability?"

Catch the program tonight at 7 p.m. on 91.7 FM or listen live at

  • We will also be discussing:
    – The SF Bike Plan
    – Park(ing) Day
    – Market Street re-design

    And possibly some other stuff, too.

  • Fran Taylor

    Here’s a question from San Francisco listeners: Will the arrival of Baby Newsom lead the mayor to discover at last that our sidewalks are routinely obstructed by parked cars, forcing parents to push their strollers into the street?

  • DaveO

    This is almost sad. Here, people have a brilliant business idea that has the potential to attract investment capital and return a tidy profit, and they hamstring it by turning it into a non-profit and running to the government for financial assistance. Ideas like this are what the free market is all about. Run with it!


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