It’s Time to Reclaim the Curb: Celebrate PARK(ing) Day Friday!

PARK_ing__Day_2008.jpgPARK(ing) Day 2008. Flickr photo: plaid iguana

Tomorrow’s (PARK)ing Day festivities in San Francisco are likely to be much grander than in years past, with dozens of locations mapped out across the city as spots where metered parking spaces will be transformed into temporary public parks, and other uses, for people, instead of automobiles. Temporary parks are also being planned in locations all over the Bay Area.

A majority of spots in the city will be set up along the Valencia Street corridor and Civic Center. The SFBC plans a demonstration of on-street bicycle parking in front of Four Barrel Coffee and Bi-Rite Market while in North Beach the Great Streets Project will showcase "the future of what an official ‘flexible parking space’ will look like" in front of Caffe Roma and Caffe Greco.

Although 34 San Francisco locations are highlighted on the official PARK(ing) map, there are probably a lot of other locations that haven’t been reported. Unlike cities such as New York and Santa Monica, San Francisco does not require a permit, which allows it to be "a little looser," said Matthew Passmore of Rebar. "The overall climate is pretty permissive."

So what are your plans tomorrow? Let us know! And please add your photos to our Flickr feed.

  • I’m always impressed by what people come up with for this event…every year it seems people find new and fun ways to reclaim space.

    Adam, who is one of the leaders of the Inner Sunset Facebook Group (which is actually really active and does lots of fun events) once held a meeting I attended where we just set up chairs on one of the wide sidewalks in the Inner Sunset. There was still plenty of room for pedestrians, and it was kinda fun, using a public space for something besides walking. Plus we ended up meeting many of our neighbors. It was rather cool.