Streetfilms: Bill Lind, a Conservative Voice for Transit

At last month’s Rail-Volution conference in Boston, Streetfilms was able to grab a few moments with William Lind, a politically conservative transit advocate. Lind aims to provide "liberal transit advocates" the language to build support for public transportation (okay, just rail) in terms that conservatives can relate to. Some of Lind’s arguments don’t reflect our views here at Streetfilms, especially his disdain for buses (which we don’t cover in this video), but he makes a thought-provoking case for transit investment. Streetsblog readers won’t want to miss his critique of highway spending as a massive government intervention.

  • zsolt

    I like it. He makes some good points (none really new). I haven’t heard him on buses, but I do hate buses as well.

  • patrick

    Well said arguments, and definitely a reminder to me about the best way to discuss transit issues with those who appose funding transit.

    I don’t dislike buses, many people do. Everybody who rides a bus would also ride the rails, the not everybody who rides rail would ride a bus.

    It took me 2 years to get my girlfriend to ride the bus home from work. She dislikes it greatly, but does it to save $150/ month in parking fees.