SF Transportation Authority Bicycle Tracker Available for Android


As we reported last month, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (TA) released an innovative new application for mobile devices that allows users to track their bicycle commuting patterns with a GPS-enabled iPhone or iPod and share those trips with the agency responsible for improving bicycle networks around the city.

Now CycleTracks is compatible on the Android platform, including the Verizon Droid and several models from Sprint
and T-Mobile, which means every major mobile carrier has phones that can run the application.

"The iPhone app has been a great success so far," said Billy Charlton, Deputy Director for Technology Services at the TA, in an email. "We now have more than 1,500 bike trips logged by almost 400 users. That’s great, especially since it’s been raining a lot the past couple weeks."

Charleton said the TA hadn’t run thorough analysis yet of the data, but confirmed that they would like more diverse users.

"I can already tell that we need more women using it, and more infrequent cyclists too," said Charleton. "Those may be hard to find but we’re doing what we can."

So now that all you Android users can help, get out there and log some trips, dear readers, and pass this along to your friends!

  • yippee! now if they would only start making droid mounts for the bike like they have for iphones.

  • Nick

    Are applications like this really necessary? And if so, is there any chance the data will actually lead to changes on the street? Seems like anyone who has any clue about the city would already know what streets to prioritize for cyclists.

    Here’s an example: a bike share program connecting SFSU (19th/Holloway) to Daly City BART. It’s only one mile, there’s always a long line for it, and a bike route connects right to it.

  • Nick, the policy makers need numbers. Even if they are skewed to only those with iphones or droids or what-nots. Since the city isn’t putting out bicycle counters, this is the next best thing.

  • ZA

    Well, I’m one of those 400, and after a couple of data-cancellation errors (don’t start it underground – duh!), I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.

    Still, I need to remind myself to start it before setting out myself.