Eyes on the Street: Gorgeous Lower Haight Historical Photo Montage


If you haven’t already seen the excellent two-part historical photo montage "The Lower Haight of Yesteryear" by the good folks at Haighteration, it’s highly worth your time. It’s amazing to me how many buildings are essentially unchanged from a century ago.

Part One here.

Part Two here.

  • Nick

    I like the look of an apartment complex sitting on top of the Fell-ARCO.

  • Yes, many of the buildings are similar. But it sure is a shame that the sidewalks were cutback so much to provide free car storage.

  • Tom

    While the sidewalks have unfortunately been narrowed, its interesting to note the lack of street trees. Apparently they were barely planted in SF until the 70’s.

  • Yeah, street trees are a new thing. Journey around europe, and in most cities, theyre impossible to find.

    Also, it’s interesting to see that their paving jobs are worse than today. I thought it couldnt get any worse.

  • Gary

    Oh man! I love before and after photos, I can look at them for hours, thank you! Hey, some of those “before” photos I was alive then. Those Victorians still standing, what a tale they could tell.

  • Gary

    Now, if only in today’s photos, there were no cars running amok.

  • One of the great things about Midtown Sacramento is the abundance of large street trees on every block. So it’s always seemed odd to me that most residential neighborhoods in San Francisco have a complete lack of street trees. The lower Haight is like a forest compared to the Sunset or the Richmond.