Tammy’s 33-Stanyan May Be the Most Festive Muni Bus in Service

Tammy_33_Stanyan.jpgTammy’s 33-Stanyan bus yesterday. Photos: Greg/Muni Diaries.

Rather than hit you with another story of Muni’s budget woes and labor battles, we were thrilled to read this charming account on Muni Diaries of a bus driver named Tammy on her 33-Stanyan route who bedecked her coach with balloons and bunting. According to the account by a Muni rider named Greg, Tammy offered candy to everyone getting on and welcomed them aboard. She even crafted a sign with her operator number (2442) and her bus number that reads: "Until Muni realizes that without our passengers there is no Muni, thank you all for the great ride."

Greg tells the story of his commute and Tammy’s infectious smile, which had spread to most on her bus:

It’s like a Fourth of July party inside Tammy’s bus. There are red
white and blue streamers, balloons, coils that say “happy,” banners and
party lanterns hanging from the railings. Large handwritten posters
adorn the windows thanking her riders…

As I sit in the bus watching new passengers board, I witness a Muni
miracle: a sea of frowns turn into big grins as people enter and see
what awaits them. I overhear nearly every newcomer commenting on the
scene to either Tammy or their fellow straphangers. “How cool is this,”
they ponder aloud. “Is this for Mother’s day?” “Is someone retiring?” “I
can’t believe I got candy.”

Pretty much everyone who boarded asked Tammy a quick question about the
decorations. “I just want to show appreciation for my passengers,” was
her standard response. Those who pressed further often heard “If not for
the passengers, drivers and managers have no job.”

Unfortunately for those who ride the 33, Tammy’s last day driving the route is today. Fortunately for those who ride the 24-Divisadero, Tammy’s going to be one of your newest operators in the coming week. Thanks Muni Diaries for the charming story and thanks Tammy for giving us all something good to write about Muni!

Tammy_happy_operator.jpgPretty hard not to smile with her.
  • Erik

    Someone needs to sign Tammy up for CEO.

  • Nick

    A lot of these bus drivers are alright. Once very late at night, a bus driver at the end of his shift drive me to my destination off the regular route. Kind of like a private taxi.

  • marcos

    En route beverage service would be nice…

  • My inner cynic does wonder about the timing of this. Anything to do with the upcoming ballot measure which would require Muni drivers to actually negotiate their salary with the city, like any other union… ?

    It’s a great time to start caring about passengers.

  • Elena

    I rode this bus with my daughter and we were so charmed!! On my return home later, with all decorations included, the replacement driver on the same bus, carried none of the happy energy that “Tammy 2442” shed on us. Tammy is one single person, who proved that just a little effort could make someone’s day full of joy– believe me, she made mine!