Today’s Headlines

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  • Supes Delay Action on MTA Budget; Rejection Threat Looms (SF Examiner)
  • More on the Suspension of Proof of Payment Stings from SF Examiner
  • BART Close to Hiring New Police Chief from Fairfield (SF Gate)
  • Calif. Watch: Federal Climate Bill Would Whack Part of State’s Landmark Law 
  • Transpo Officials Getting Ready for July 1st Bridge Toll Increases (SF Gate)
  • Noe Valley Merchants Association Votes to Support Plaza (NBC Bay Area)
  • Temporary Transbay Terminal Nearing a Summer Opening (ABC7)
  • On SF Drivers Who Don’t Like Stopping for Pedestrians (SF Appeal
  • When a Barnes Dance Isn’t a Step Up for Pedestrians (GGW)
  • SF Grand Jury Issues Report on State of Bicycling (City Insider)
  • How Streetsblog Contributor Matt Baume "Caught the Bike Bug" (The Bold Italic)

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  • @SF Appeal, that is one thing that really drives me crazy. Drivers (not just taxis, but they are the worse) come flying up to an intersection and then stop half way into the crosswalk, if they stop at all. North Beach is filled with tiny alleys and cars come roaring out of them, go well beyond the sidewalk, and maybe will stop before half their car is out into the street beyond the parked cars. Drivers, you need to stop at the stop sign, then proceed slowly forward until you have a clear view of the intersection/road, and then continue on your way. The 5 secs that takes will not kill you, but you might kill me if you don’t do it.

    Oh shoot, sorry. Bikers are the ones who don’t stop. My mistake.

  • @Matt Baume, Great write up. Enjoyable read. I’m going to have to start bike shopping with my wife in the next couple of weeks so she has something better to commute on. Anyone have a suggestion for a place with decently priced bikes for women?

  • @mikesonn If you don’t mind making the trip up to San Rafael, the Recyclery has some great deals on used bikes (all checked out and reparied before being resold), and all the proceeds benefit the Trips for Kids charity. Last time I was there they had a great selection of women’s bikes, but of course it is kind of luck of the draw on what’s been donated recently every time you go!

  • JohnB


    Since a driver’s position is several feet back from the front of a car, it is usually necessary in those situations to “stick your snout out” into the traffic in order to see if it is safe to pull out.

    When you do that (and if you don’t, you’ll be there forever) you rely on oncoming traffic to see your front-end and evade.

    So it’s important not to “roar out” if that is what they are doing. But creeping out is necessary to ensure a safe exit.

  • Awesome, don’t make it up there often. Maybe we can ride up and trade in her old bike when we get there. Thanks for the tip. And most of the time bike shopping is luck of the draw, but anything beats Craigslist.

  • @Mikesonn – the Larkspur Ferry terminal is pretty close to San Rafael… and Ferry is bike friendly.

  • Thanks. I think we used the Larkspur Ferry when we biked to/from Biketoberfest up in Fairfax last year. I guess I could have looked at a map – that’ll be a nice ride. We’ll go check out that place for sure. Thanks guys.

  • But now that he’s been assimilated, can MattyMatt “control his glee at car driver’s displeasure?” 😉 (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

    Good on ya, Matt.