SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Disasters and transportation systems

"When a major earthquake hits the Bay Area, we will experience power
failures for electric transit modes, including BART and Muni, and
highways and surface streets will fail due to bridge collapses and the
accumulation of debris. What should we do now in order to safely and
quickly restore these crucial links? With the authors of SPUR’s latest
Resilient City policy report: transportation experts Irene Avetyan,
Christopher Barkley, Anthony Bruzzone, Sarah Karlinsky
and Brian Stokle."



Mica’s Transportation Proposal: Responses Flood In

The GOP transportation proposal is now online. Here are some early reactions. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), chair of the Senate Banking subcommittee with jurisdiction over public transportation: “It used to be that Republicans understood that transportation investment was necessary to spur economic growth and create jobs. Now, I guess they think if we give the […]

TransForum: Beyond Suburbia

From TransForm: Suburbia and the Future of Federal Transportation Policy Suburbia started as a bucolic vision of the American dream, but as we enter the 21st century, serious questions are emerging about the sustainability of this way of life. The End of Suburbia explores this vision and its prospects as the planet begins to experience climate […]

SPUR Forum: America’s Next Top (Transportation) Model

From SPUR: Image courtesy of Flickr User Robert Couse-Baker. We rely on transportation models to guide big investment and policy decision, but can they accurately model new advances such as ridesharing or getting groceries delivered? Experts will explain how we can update the region’s transportation models to reflect our current and dynamic transportation environment. + Joan […]

A 21st Century Transportation System

From SPUR: Will federal transportation policy shape the cities of the future, or will we continue to invest in the outdated strategies fueling suburban sprawl and urban decay? Join us for a discussion about how the federal transportation bill will impact San Francisco and the region—and how you can influence it! With Will Fleissig of […]