Today’s Headlines

  • SF Gate: "Battle Over Control Slows Drive for Muni Reform"
  • Muni Operators Set to Receive 5.73 Percent Raise (SF Examiner)
  • LA "Trying to Rekindle Its Long Ago Love Affair with Commuter Rail" (AP via Houston Chronicle)
  • Sacramento Will Study Extending Light-Rail to West Sacramento (Sacramento Press)
  • Driver Arrested in Danville DUI Hit-and-Run After Hitting Bicyclist, Pedestrian, Two Cars (Coco Times)
  • Video of Sacramento Kings Player Tyreke Evans Shows Erratic Speeding on I-80 (Sac Bee)
  • Congressman Dan Lungren Cited for Speeding While Doing Radio Interview (Sac Bee)
  • SFCTA Holds Two Informational Meetings on Congestion Pricing (SFBG)
  • Mayor Newsom Appoints Pelosi Aide to Head Dept. of Environment (City Insider)
  • Novato Group’s Vision for Community Garden to Be Considered at Hearing (Marin IJ)

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  • Nick

    The Chronicle had a story about the development on Ocean Avenue at the Phelan bus loop. Neighbors are opposed to it becasue it has only 7 parking spaces for 71 units of housing (36 bicycle spaces will also be provided).

    They think it’s unrealistic to expect people not to drive even if they live along major transit lines. They may be right in this regard as they have not given up their cars for those very lines.

    What I find ironic is they will end up fighting over the illegal parking spots that the rest of us have to deal with. Notably, that triangular street behind the gas station at the foot of Geneva. There are about 8 legal spaces to park yet 25 cars manage to cram in there. Blocking the sidewalk, double parking, facing the wrong direction….It’s quite a sight.

  • Alex

    While I appreciate the theory that living near a major transit line should make it practical to rely on transit… but it sure doesn’t work that way in San Francisco.

    Look at the options to get downtown from Phelan & Ocean: 14, J, K, M, and BART. Of those, the *only* reliable option is BART, and despite it being the cheaper option for the MTA, San Francisco BART riders are penalized $5-10/month by the MTA.

    Of the MUNI options, the MTA is making drastic service cuts to the M past SFSU (despite the safety and reliability hazards their half baked plans create), the J and K only runs one car trains (when they run), and, really, does anyone think that the 14 (even the limited!) is a viable option to get downtown from Ocean & Mission? Let’s not forget that for the time being, 40′ (not 60’ers) buses are being substituted for service past West Portal right now. Clearly the MTA doesn’t think there’s much demand for service in the OMI ‘hoods. Who in their right mind would consider that to be transit rich?

    I suspect it’s a lot easier (or at least that’s what the perception by residents is) to push through some extra parking spaces (or kill the development all together) than it is to convince the MTA to actually consider the consequences of its piss poor planning choices.


Today’s Headlines

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