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Looking north on Valencia, between 16th and 17th. Photo by 	Brandon Splane

Valencia Human-Protected Bike Lane Protest #2

Before everyone heads out for the Memorial Day weekend, Streetsblog wanted to do a quick update on yesterday evening’s successful Valencia Street human-protected bike lane protest in the Mission District. Readers will recall that a group of bike advocates did the first of this type of protest on Golden Gate on May 1. That one […]
A report from Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research aims to better understand perceptions of street safety risks by looking at crashes that weren't. Image: Kinder Institute

Attempting to Gauge the Impact of “Near-Miss” Incidents on Houston’s Streets

We've all had this experience while walking or biking -- someone cutting us off, or swerving, leaving us catching our breath and thinking, "That was close." Close encounters, just inches away from being a collision, have a big impact on how we think about street safety, but they're not well understood, since they're rarely, if ever, reported. A new report out of Houston attempts to gauge the impact of these "near-miss" incidents.

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