Today’s Headlines

  • 33,000 People Died on American Roads in 2009, and That’s Considered a Success (AP, USA Today)
  • Down Economy May Be Reason for Decline in Traffic Deaths, Injuries in San Francisco (SF Examiner)
  • Obama Touches Briefly on Infrastructure in Combative Campaign Season Speech (NYT, TPM)
  • Oberstar Offers “Grudging Praise” of Obama Spending Plan (Oregonian)
  • LaHood says Trains for U.S. Transit Projects Should be Made in U.S. (Seattle Times)
  • San Mateo Adopts “Three-Pronged” Approach to High-Speed Rail, Including Litigation (Daily Journal)
  • Korean Designer Crafts New Crosswalk Design (Fastcodesign via Yglesias)
  • Palo Alto Housing Strategy to Focus on Transit Corridors (Palo Alto Online)
  • BIKE NOPA Interviews Stuart Matthews, Organizer of Fix Fell Now! Protests
  • Another Gay Man says He was Assaulted on Muni; Hate Crimes Unit Investigating (BAR)
  • Chevron Quietly Trying to Get It Exempted from Enviro Laws in Richmond (SF Gate, Merc)
  • SFO Workers Likely to Get a Break on BART Fares (City Insider)
  • City Council Opts to Rehabilitate Healdsburg Bridge, Instead of Building New One (Press Democrat)

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  • Nick

    Re: Fix Fell

    Their focus is directed so sharply on the curb cuts outside ARCO. If they ever win that battle, the war for the other 2.5 blocks will be even more intense.

    Take a walk along the street and notice the color curb markings on the other blocks of Fell. There were many areas that had red zones illegally painted “concrete gray” by motorists.

    Some examples:
    -2 spaces outside the tow company
    -4 spaces outside DMV
    -white zone by BofA also painted gray
    -and the sightline area for peds at Baker and Fell was painted over too. Cyclists should take this back as it once was a queuing area, a bike box almsost. Now it’s just another parking space.

  • Nick – how do you know they weren’t painted by MTA?

  • maaaty

    Is there anyone familiar enough with how these things go who can say whether Rob’s going to get the bill for that $52,000?

    Also, given how long this went on, that seem really low.

    This news made my weekend.


Today’s Headlines

More Coverage of Yesterday’s Muni Streetcar Crash from SF Gate, ABC7, CBS5, and SF Examiner BART Rolls Out a Limited Launch of Translink Targeting About 1000 Customers (NBC11) Mercury News: "Proposed Bus Cuts Could Prove Disastrous to East Palo Alto Residents" Man Charged in SF and Fremont Hit-and-Run Rampage Pleads Not Guilty (Oak Trib, SF […]

Today’s Headlines

Muni Switching to All-Door Bus Boarding July 1st (Streetsblog – More Later) SF Employee Transit Incentives May Spread to Greater Bay Area (SF Examiner) GG Bridge West Sidewalk Closure Prolonged Until Mid-May (GG Transit) Free or Reduced Muni Youth Pass Proposals to be Considered by SFMTA Board (SF Examiner) Palo Alto Concerned it Won’t Be Included in […]

Today’s Headlines

BART Directors Mull How Or Whether to Use Surplus (SF Gate)  LA Times Column on Fixing Transit Sparks Response from LA Mayor’s Office More Bike to Work Day Coverage from BIKE NOPA, SFBG, City Insider, SF Examiner Sonoma County Sees Higher Numbers for its Annual Bike to Work Day (Press Democrat) Steve Jones Resents Condescending […]

Today’s Headlines

Schwarzenegger Has the Gall to Consider Raiding Transit Funds Again (LAT, SF Examiner) Transit Agencies Nationwide Continue to Face Deficits and Cuts (WSJ) Transit Ridership Apparently Down Across the Country But Not in San Francisco (City Insider) MTA Asking Vendors to Reduce Contracts by 3 Percent to Help Shave Deficit (SF Examiner)  NY Times: San […]

Today’s Headlines

Bike Thief Attacks on Panhandle Cyclists Continue as SFPD Steps Up Patrols (Hoodline, KTVU) Citywide Number of Bike Corrals Nears 60 (SFBC) Two Years After SF Chronicle Report, Muni’s 10-Townsend as Unreliable as Ever ADA Laws Do Not Require Transit Passengers to Give Up Seat to Disabled Riders (SF Weekly) SF Examiner Overviews Prop A, the $500M General […]

Today’s Headlines

Muni Planning to Ramp Up 8 Priority Routes in TEP (SF Examiner) Driver Injures Girl Walking To Kindergarten in Polk Gulch (CBS 5, BCN via Mercury News) SFPD Officers Crash Patrol Car Into House to Avoid Another Car in Bayview (SF Appeal) Man Struck By El Camino Driver On 16th Street Sidewalk Fights For Life […]