Today’s Headlines

  • Bell-Ringing Contest Boycotted by Cable Car Operators (SF Gate, ABC)
  • The Snitch: Boycott Makes Muni Union Look “Heavy Handed and Duplicitous”
  • Muni Operator, Passenger Act Quick After Teen with Gun Spotted on Train (SF Examiner, SF Weekly)
  • Seattle Mayor Wants to Raise Parking Fees, End Free Sunday Parking Downtown (The Seattle Times)
  • No Longer a Critic, Ohio Republican Signs on as Co-Sponsor of Complete Streets Act (T4A)
  • High-Speed Rail Critics Urge Investigation of Some CHSRA Members (LAT)
  • Caltrain Official Urges Belmont to Reconsider Options for HSR and Draw Up Wish List (SM Daily Journal)
  • Petaluma Man Named Superintendent of Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Press Democrat)
  • Brown, Whitman Hold First Debate; No Mention of Transportation Issues (Oak Trib, SF Gate, LAT)

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  • Meanwhile, police officers with guns are allowed to carry them wherever they would like. And we see how responsible they are with them.

  • Maybe Streetsblog will do a post on this, but in any event has a great video up about Malmo, Sweden called “No Ridiculous Car Trips.”

    Very impressive campaign.

  • taomom, awesome video. But this is San Francisco, “things are different here! People drive and you can’t expect them to get out of their cars!”

    Seriously though, I think it is a great campaign. I bet a lot of people don’t think about hopping on their bike for a short trip (under 5k) because they have always been use to getting the in car and just driving. A little gentle nudge and reminder how ridiculous driving those short distances really is might be just what some people need. Have that “Oh yeah, I can totally walk or bike that” moment.