Today’s Headlines

  • MTC Hires 20 New Workers to Help Iron Out Clipper Problems (SF Examiner)
  • Ca. HSR CEO Pledges Project “Will Be Built” Despite Challenges (SF Business Times, ABC7)
  • VTA to Begin Running Some Faster Light-Rail Trains Monday (Merc)
  • Campaigns For and Against Prop. 23 Launch New TV Ads (LAT)
  • The Progress Report has a Good Rundown of the Battle Over Prop. 23
  • Grist Interviews Congressman Earl Blumenauer about Livable Communities
  • Columnist Recaps Caltrain’s Financial Woes (Mercury News)
  • LA Times: “Ghost Bikes Stand in Memory of Fallen Cyclists”
  • “The Idea Now Is to Look Like a Pedestrian on Wheels” (NYT via Sblog NY)
  • Meditating on Muni: N-Judah Chronicles Suggests Some Relaxing Lines to Ride
  • What Are the Top Ten Reasons Dave Pokes Fun at Ped Plazas? (WSJ, NYT via Sblog NY)
  • “Captain Bicycle Shorts” Gives Sonoma County Kids Bicycling Lessons (Press Democrat)

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  • The Mercury News article was a nice run down of things and refreshingly pro-train. The end of the article miffs me a bit though. I’m sorry but I do not think these administrators make ‘too much’ money. I’ve disagreed with Mark Simon a lot, and I think he’s been wrong a lot, but he’s also been right and responsive many times. I think its worth it to pay good money for positions to attract competent and good people.

    The suggestion to rid the train of conductors is another strange argument. Do we really always have to go straight for gutting the human component of our transit agencies and other services when money is tight? The problem is Caltrain’s precarious funding structure, not that it employs human beings in its operations. In the future are we all just going to work in the menial service sector or build apps for iphone users?

    – J

  • AlexR

    In the NYT article about female fashionista cyclists, I think we see an interview with a real-life example of what BikeSnobNYC called the “beautiful Godzilla” in his taxonomy of cyclist types: image-obsessed, riding on sidewalks, and trying to text, phone, drink coffee, and apply makeup while riding! I’m all for bicycling becoming an everyday normal activity that doesn’t require special clothes, but can we keep the airheaded distracted-driver behavior out of it please (and ride in the street!)?

  • Mick

    No surprise they have had to hire 20 extra staff to deal with Clipper problems. It is a truly horrible system which looks more like a back door way of increasing prices than anything else.

    Still, at least you can get through the turnstiles by waving your hand. Some kind of karma, presumably.

  • Assemblyman Jerry Hill got SB 909 passed to lower the fine for making a right turn on red without stopping.

    Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed it. TERMINATED.

  • John Murphy, that’s good to hear. He may not have fixed the budget, but Arnold has been pretty good with livability issues.