Today’s Headlines

  • Challenges Remain for Task Force Looking to Restore Muni Service (City Insider)
  • Cyclist Seriously Hurt in Hit-and-Run During Santa Rosa Cycling Event (Press Democrat)
  • Signal Installed at Intersection Where Oakland Girl Was Killed in Hit-and-Run (ABC7)
  • No on 23 Campaigns Raise 16x the Amount of Money Than the Yes Side (California Watch)
  • CAHSR Blog Debunks New Report on the “Financial Risks” of Ca. High-Speed Rail
  • San Francisco’s Aggressive Recycling and Compost Policies Will Mean Zero Landfill Waste (Grist)
  • Improving UN Plaza Important for Reviving Mid-Market (Beyond Chron)
  • San Jose Ponders Ways to Raise Money to Fix Its Streets (Mercury News)
  • Columnist Sets Record Straight on Bike Lanes Planned for Downtown Vancouver (The Province)
  • New Portland Store Will Have More Space for Bike Parking Than for Car Parking (Bike Portland)
  • Unsafe Pavement Cost NYC $3.8 Million in Cyclist Lawsuits (News via Sblog NY)
  • Dramatic Spike in Number of Kids Injured on All-Terrain Vehicles (California Watch)

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  • Deliberate, attempted-murderer driver in Santa Rosa (second story) makes me think of our own deranged, tennis-playing homeboy who went on that near-killing spree in SF months ago. Is he still working on that insanity plea? Part of me just doubts that these folks are really insane (assuming the Santa Rosa driver would also claim mental instability if caught) but instead just vile criminals copping an innocent plea as bald-faced and self-serving as one Joshua Calder.

  • I think you do the good reporting on this web site a disservice by including prolix meandering drivel on a blog among links to news reports and other more informative writing, and even worse by listing it under a heading that endorses some sort of “debunking” accomplished, when I doubt that any level headed high speed rail could honestly claim that.

    There’s some information there, but not much, and it’s generally low quality.

    Now I’m a NIMBY tool of the automobile oil mafia!!! (in reality a greenie leftie who’s never driven and thinks California is crying out for competent and rational high speed and regional rail, but let’s not let reality get in the way)
    — Richard

  • Winston


    You might have better luck convincing people of your arguments were you to back off the rage just a tad. Even when you’re right it just makes you sound insane.

  • James

    Wow, and I thought sfgate commenters were bad. The commenters on the column from The Province give the sfgate commenters are good run for their money. Irrationality and vitriol are in good supply.