Today’s Headlines

  • Neighbors, Advocates Call for Traffic Calming on Monterey Boulevard (SF Examiner)
  • San Jose Cop in Patrol Car Hits, Injures 63-year-old Pedestrian (Mercury News)
  • Muni Plagued by More Metro Delays; Signal Malfunction Causes PM Holdup (SF Examiner)
  • Ca. High-Speed Rail Authority Releases Funding Criteria for First 4 Segments (SF Gate)
  • Burlingame Removes “Story Poles” Set Up for High-Speed Rail Demonstration (SM Daily News)
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Backs Ca. High-Speed Rail Plan (NBC Bay Area)
  • Tenderloin Groups Get Grant to Restore Three Historic Murals (Beyond Chron)
  • Fascinating “60 Minutes” Story Solves the Mystery About Old Market Street Footage (CBS News)
  • John King: “Public Access to SF Bay Tied to Private Projects”
  • LA Times Piece Claims Electric Bikes Sales are “Losing Momentum” in Socal
  • Is Bike Oriented Development the New TOD? (Bike Portland)

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  • Re Muni Delays: Is this a computer system issue? Maintenance issue? Something is going on down there as there have been significant delays at least once a week for the last couple weeks (I think there was even one week with two big delays). I’m sure the MTA is fully aware that the NLCS (and the nation’s attention) will be in the city the rest of this week. Let’s get our act together people.

  • @mikesonn It seems like there is less and less media coverage every time there is another Metro meltdown. Are they just so frequent that it’s no longer news, but the status quo? I also don’t think Streetsblog has ever done a full article on the ongoing Metro problems beyond the headlines threads.

    Also, for ballgames why doesn’t Muni just get a bunch of 60′ buses lined up at Market & Spear and run them as express ballpark service down the E line ROW to supplement the T line? It would make an even bigger difference running this service in the other direction after the games, as the LRVs take much longer to queue up than buses would (especially since they close a few blocks of NB Embarcadero after games, so you could just have a bunch of buses lined up at the curb ready to go as soon as the next one fills up).