Today’s Headlines

And in non-election news:

  • SFMTA Releases Bus Stop Optimization Plan; Would Remove 109 Stops (SF Gate)
  • Muni Begins Transition from “A” Fast Pass to Clipper Card (City Insider)
  • John King: “AT&T Park Proves to be a Home Run for Neighborhood”
  • Giants Ticker-Tape Parade Starts at 11 a.m.; People Already Lining Route (AP via SF Gate)
  • City of Pleasant Hill in East Bay Developing Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan (Coco Times)
  • SF Supes Approve Car-Share Legislation (SF Examiner)
  • SFCTA Looking to Fill Seats on Geary BRT Committee (SF Examiner)
  • California is now the leader of America’s battle against global warming. The federal government will not do anything for at least two years. California decisively rejected Prop 23 and elected Jerry Brown as governor. The state environmental board has already issued guidelines for reducing CO2.

    Let’s hope that Brown decides to make this his signature program, his legacy to the future, and moves us toward even stronger action.

    In a few years, the entire nation may realize that they should imitate us.

  • Justin

    G + Fang + L.

    Whither Progressive San Francisco?

  • Fang didn’t get a majority…

  • Alex

    Fang did, however, get about as many votes as both of his competitors combined. If only they had joined forces…

  • Justin

    John, you’re right…and Alex, yeah I’m wondering the same thing. I’m the last person to discourage third (or fourth) party candidates from running against candidates that have very different visions for legislation and changes…but in this case (from what I read on the bay citizen) Bert and the other guy against Fang had very similar platforms…In that case why run and split the vote against an entrenched and well-connected incumbent? What happened in D8? How did the third guy get so many votes without having spent any money? I don’t vote in SF so I didn’t get the voters guide to see their candidate statements…

    – j

  • “What happened in D8? How did the third guy get so many votes without having spent any money?”

    That is a puzzler indeed. Even if you counted on an “incumbent backlash”, one would think that Bert, with a “more organized campaign” would outpoll the third guy by some more than nominal amount. One problem is that all of Bert’s supporters it seems, live in D9. But it doesn’t seem like the “ethnic problem” of the “gerrymandered” district was the killer.

    I mean, Bert had endorsements from a lot of sources. Is it just an ignored race, and anti-incumbent of BART fervor polled at 52% and split 50/50 given no other reason to select a specific opponent? Then what explains Robert Raburn steamrolling Ward in D4?

    I’ve met and spoken with Bert and I think he’s an awesome guy. Can’t say what happened. I certainly couldn’t help a lot as I almost never venture that way and don’t know very many folks to reach out to online.

    Nonetheless it will be good to try to get candidates to help Raburn and Radulovich next cycle.