Today’s Headlines

  • High-Speed Rail Construction Will Begin in Central Valley, Not SF (SF Gate, The Bottomline)
  • Big Rig Driver Kills Bicyclist in San Mateo County on 280 On-Ramp (BCN via Mercury News)
  • Results to be Released Today Should Show Clear Winners in SF Districts 2, 6, 8 (Beyond Chron)
  • Newsom: Next Mayor Should Be “Statesman” and Not a “Bully” (SF Examiner)
  • Smart-Growth Measure Divided Environmentalists in Berkeley (NY Times)
  • Andrew Ross: “Prop 23 Celebrations Turn to Fears Over Prop 26”
  • Governor-Elect Brown Returns to Sacramento for Meetings on State Budget (SF Gate)
  • CPMC Davies Needs More Bike Parking Despite Racks Installed a Year Ago (BIKE NOPA)
  • Update on Fix Fell Protests: Participants Have Mess of Legal Bills, Need Donations (Fix Fell Now!)
  • SMART Facing $350 Million Shortfall in Effort to Complete 70-Mile Rail Line by 2014 (Press Democrat)

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  • LTTE from the Cyclist who died in Portola Valley Yesterday, circa 2009.

    Rules of the road: respect, understanding

    Wow. It sounds like there is some real resentful, bitter, maybe even hateful feelings from the two ladies in Los Altos Hills who seem to feel cyclists are all rule-breakers and do not deserve to ride on the same roads with cars (Town Crier, Letters to the Editor, Dec. 31 and Jan. 7).

    I also live in Los Altos Hills. I drive and ride a bike. I have children who ride, and one is about to learn how to drive on roads where unpredictability is in fashion. I have lived here for more than 40 years. I, too, have seen the changes in people’s attitudes on the road. However, I see it in all walks of travel.

    Just so these ladies understand, not all cyclists are bad. I happen to take great pleasure in chasing someone down, on my bike, when I see him or her run a light or stop sign. When I catch them, I ask them to please follow the rules of the road and not endanger others.

    However, it’s not just a few cyclists that seem to flagrantly disobey the laws. Have you noticed that even after all the new flashing crosswalk lights that have been installed on San Antonio Road, pedestrians still cross between them?

    Unfortunately, I see way more infractions with autos than I do with cyclists or pedestrians. The police should be heavily enforcing laws to ensure that automobile drivers obey, and there should be greater fees and penalties for broken rules. I would suggest a starting penalty of $200 for driving while on a cell phone and have it escalate from there.

    Remember what it may be like to ride a bike alongside cars. Most people are not out there to ruin your day by getting in your way. A bicyclist is very vulnerable, like a pedestrian, to any sort of accident.Why some of these people choose to disregard laws of safety is beyond me. Maybe it’s Darwin’s theory of natural selection in action?

    If we could all have more respect and understanding toward others, life might get a little bit nicer.

    Lauren Ward

    Los Altos Hills

  • Someone should sue Caltrans for designing highway onramps that are deadly for bikes and pedestrians