Today’s Headlines

  • Woman Killed by Shuttle Driver in Tenderloin Crosswalk Identified (KTVU)
  • Is the SFMTA’s Tim Papandreou Interested in Becoming LADOT’s GM? (Sblog LA)
  • Muni Coverage from Public Press: Muni “Drivers Take the Heat” Rider Discontent”
  • “Muni Planners Say Speed to Come from Untangling Messy Streetscape” (Public Press)
  • And More About Technology and Muni’s On-Time Performance (Public Press)
  • Developers Moving Forward with Scaled Down Walnut Creek BART Transit Village (Coco Times)
  • Palo Alto Moving Ahead with Traffic Calming Projects (Palo Alto Online)
  • Wait Times Grow at SF DMV Office (Bay Citizen)
  • Siemens to Begin Producing High-Speed Trains in Russia (AP via SF Gate)
  • Transportation Professor Begins Study of Deaths on Caltrain Tracks (Stanford Daily)
  • SF Planning Commission Postpones Decision on Park Merced EIR (SF Examiner)
  • Earthjustice Petitions EPA to Address Holes in Plan to Clean up Central Valley Air (SF Gate)
  • London Driver Who Killed Cyclist While Drunk and on Cell Phone Gets 7 Years (UK Guardian)

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  • Target is coming with no new parking. Tell me again why CityPlace needed to exceed the planned amount of parking?

    “According to the Redevelopment Agency memo, Target is projecting $120,000 in annual payroll taxes, a minimum of $5.4 million in annual sales taxes, and about $1 million in additional parking revenue for the Fifth and Mission Street Garage.”

    I take that to mean that the garage is vastly underutilized meaning that there is ample parking in the area. If anyone complains there isn’t any parking downtown isn’t looking hard enough.

  • There’s not enough FREE parking! Get it straight, mang!! 😉

  • Why are Metreon/SF Centre/Moscone examples of good livable city design for having 2,500 above-ground parking spaces that take up an entire city block, while CityPlace is bad design for having 170 underground spaces? We seem to have a huge bias in this city for excusing the already-built. It is much better that Fifth and Mission is market rate parking while CityPlace will be subsidized, but on the other hand it’s much worse that it’s an above-ground structure with pretty minimal ground-level restaurant/retail space.

    That said, I do think the plans for the Metreon are great, much-needed changes. Very excited that they are talking about opening as early as next summer!

  • SteveS, completely agree. I was just addressing CityPlace in respect to the fact that adequate (and underused) parking is already very available.

  • Al

    How can you not have a bias for the already-built? Much as I like “livable city design”, the existence of the garage allows developments to be built around it that otherwise wouldn’t be. That’s a plus. In a decade or two, if the situation warrants, the garage can be reevaluated and maybe redeveloped. Buildings will presumably last a good long time– possibly a hundred years or more. If new buildings were built with parking, they’d be stuck with it. This way, it’s flexible.

  • Re: DMV Waits

    One more reason to stay out of the driving business.

    I actually saw that line as I was riding by on Fell yesterday… awful. I said out loud, “Just ride a bike..” Hope someone heard me and took it to thought.

  • This one is lovely. Especially in the context of the crackdowns on cyclists in Woodside.

  • Nick

    Has there ever been a debate about relocating that DMV to another part of the city? Extend the Panhandle a block south. Or build mixed use housing with a greenway through it.

  • They were talking two years ago about replacing the DMV with new housing. I don’t know what ever happened to that though.