Today’s Headlines

  • Chron (in scoop from Mayor’s Office): City “Solves” Central Subway Funding Quandary (SF Gate)
  • SFMTA Leaning Toward “Boulevard” Option to Fix Masonic Avenue (BIKE NOPA)
  • I really wish this headline read: “Joy Erupts Over San Francisco’s Toll Plan” (Roadshow)
  • Rainy Days Mean Soggy Seats in Muni’s New Bus Shelters (SF Examiner)
  • “Where Rubber Meets Rails”: Old Tires Will Reduce Noise on BART Tracks to SJ (Merc)
  • Fog City Journal: “Republicans Poised to Accelerate Climate Change Armageddon”
  • 14-year-old Driver Crashes, Killing Two Teen Passengers on Ocean Avenue (SF Gate, ABC7)
  • Driver Crashes and Flees, Leaving Young Passenger in Seat to Die in Antioch (SF Gate)
  • SF Examiner: City Preparing for a “Development Tsunami” in SoMa
  • As Biking Grows, NY DOT Ready to Step Up Cyclist Education Campaigns (WSJ via Sblog nY)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • I think most would find this an interesting read.

  • “104 Years of Separated Bicycle Infrastructure”

    Fun video with some great historical footage and lots of nice examples of Dutch separated bicycle infrastructure.

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    How does the rubber trackway compare in terms of performance and cost with a vibration-isolating support system like the Pandrol Vanguard? According to various sources that system was very successful in reducing noise of railways in London, Hong Kong, and Madrid.

  • A great response to this NYT POS on energy supplies.

  • Why couldn’t MUNI “find” the money to stave off service cuts? Sheesh.

  • Mike – the Strong Towns article was very interesting indeed, and it confirms the ideas I had…

  • Nick

    Re: Rain Soaked Bus Shelters

    My take is they were trying to make the bus shelters less attractive to homeless people. Perhaps Clear Channel could have put up an advertisement that said “This shelter is not a shelter.”

    At least they would score points for being up front with their cruelty. If those of us who pay to use their service must endure getting drenched in the rain (and lack of seating), is it really beyond belief that their (lack of) concern for the homeless was a decidign factor?

  • Someone linked this Esquire column in NYC Streetsblog.

  • Best quote:

    “Local businesses are going to lose money if cars have nowhere left to park.” [A woman seated at one of the tables]

    Sadik-Khan nearly laughs in the woman’s face. “Quite the opposite! Revenues from businesses in Times Square have risen 71 percent! That’s the biggest increase in history!”

  • Mountain Top Coal Mining on PBS tonight. I think KQED at 11pm. But double check the listings.

  • How to promote bicycling in cities? Make it the fastest, most direct mode of transport.

  • sarah

    A working link for the SoMa Development Tsunami article: