Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage on Yesterday’s Congestion Pricing Hearing from SF Gate, Merc, SF Examiner
  • SF Gate: “Affordable Housing Groups Oppose New Air Rules”
  • Assemblymember Ammiano Considers Bike Legislation in Light of UC Berk Crackdown (SFBG)
  • Cal Watch: “Timber Companies Stand to Benefit from New Climate Law”
  • Board of Supes Once Again Puts Off Taking Mayoral Nominations (City Insider, The Snitch)
  • Census Reveals Gentrification of NY Urban Core, Diversification of Suburbs (NYT vis Sblog NY)
  • Santa Rosa Bike Boulevard Project Scaled Back (Press Democrat)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • the sheer amount of dishonest, inaccurate reporting about the CTA vote yesterday is staggering. I find it amazing people actually get paid for this kind of shoddy work. That Mercury story reads like a press release for Jerry Hill and David Whatshisname from Daly City (a model city, to be sure).