Today’s Headlines

  • Parking Tops the Agenda at Today’s SFMTA Board Meeting (City Insider)
  • SFDPW’s Christine Falvey to Lead Mayor Lee’s Communication Team (City Insider)
  • BIKE NOPA: “Pedestrians Deserve a Better Masonic”
  • BART’s “Seating Lab” Testing New Seats for System’s New Cars (SF Examiner)
  • More on Central Subway Construction Beginning on Stockton This Week (ABC7)
  • Joe Simitian is Back with Another Bill to Ban Cell Phones for Bicyclists (ABC7)
  • Empty Muni Bus Slams Into Light Pole, Fire Hydrant (Muni Diaries)
  • Two Women Struck by Driver Near Shopping Square in Novato (Marin IJ)
  • Streets, Public Spaces, Not Social Media, Are Underpinning Egypt’s Uprising (Grist via Sblog NY)
  • Study says Red Light Cameras Have Reduced Traffic Fatalities (LA Times)

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  • Mr. Roadshow implicitly condones idea that transit is the only mode that receives government subsidies. Perverse cynicism or he is just actually dumb?

  • Justin – I think you are misreading some irony. Gary Richards is pretty savvy and has a keen sense of humor.

  • John, I went back and re-read his response after reading your comment — I see that the post the letter writer is referring to (re: jobs, etc.) was a “spoof” but gary richards still publishes this letter that makes these groundless, incorrect claims for transit as the only subsidized mode without making any mention of the falsity of these claims — I don’t think i’m missing the irony of letting those claims go uncontested in a widely-read column am I? i hope not! 🙂 – J

  • Happy to see that Masonic bikers will be greeted with a raised center median instead of physical protection from moving cars. Lovely. And smart.

  • Gary Richards is pretty savvy and …

    Alleged journalist Gary Richards is pretty much a full time shill for the bottom line of the contractor mafioso behind BART expansion to the flea market in San Jose.

    So yes, “savvy” is indeed one way to describe him.