Today’s Headlines

  • Obama, Biden Announce Plan to “Boost High-Speed Rail” (Bee Capitol Alert)
  • Plan Includes Money to “Upgrade and Build” Intercity Rail (WSJ)
  • More on the Funding Solutions Being Talked About for Caltrain (SM Daily Journal)
  • Caltrain CEO’s $400,000 Salary is Largest Among Ca. Transit Agencies (Mercury News)
  • Mayor Lee, Supervisors Chiu, Kim to Unveil Mid-Market Tax Break Plan (SF Gate, Beyond Chron)
  • Poll: Californians Think Childhood Obesity is a “Very Serious” Problem (LA Times)
  • Streetcar Would Bring $1.1 Billion in Investments to L.A. Corridor (Blog Downtown via Sblog LA)
  • “Bike Accident Tracker” Maps SFPD Data on Bike Crashes (Bay Citizen)
  • Chuck Nevius Stops a Bike Thief (SF Gate)
  • Snapshots of Bicycling in Sacramento During This “Winter Weather” (Sac Cycle Chic)

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  • EL

    Not one comment (besides mine) regarding Mike Scanlon’s $400K+ salary?

  • @EL – this is the second time around for that story. Been beat to death.

    I wouldn’t begrudge him the salary if they did a better job on the little things. The Clipper rollout has made Caltrain a laughingstock. Thousands of people who ride the train are IT professionals who write software and work on user interfaces for a living, and can rationally and objectively judge the job they have done. They get a D- at best.

    The weekend baby bullet pilot was also done quite poorly. They simply looked at “What stations are the most popular and where are the restaurants” and picked the stations, then slotted a bombadier car to go back and forth at times that “made sense”, without doing any outreach. For example, one very big target market might be people with young children – the first roundtrip is during naptime/lunchtime. They assumed that people would come to the city for dinner since there is an express, and not mind that they would have to take a local home. Incorrect. Frankly I’d rather take a local up, and an express back – you can drink a glass of wine on the train up, but on the way back you just want to get home. Then they insulted their passenger base with this gem…

    “While there are no baby bullets returning home – there are ample opportunities to take a local train”. Nobody would define one train an hour as ample.