Today’s Headlines

  • Mercury News: “Obama’s $53 Billion Rail Pledge Could Fund Huge Chunk of Calif.’s Project”
  • SF Builders to See $1 Increase for Bagged Meters; Oakland’s Rate is Higher (City Insider)
  • Sac Bee Op-Ed: “Find Compromise in Redevelopment War” (via The Other Side of the Tracks)
  • How Do You Have a Frank Discussion With Kids About Cars? (Grist)
  • More on Yesterday’s SFCTA Hearing on the 14-Mission Line (City Insider)
  • SJ Family Pleads for Info in Hit-and-Run Crash That Left Teenage Girl Critically Injured (ABC7)
  • SF Examiner: “BART Ticket Deals Likely Too Good to Be True”
  • SF Ranks 6th Among 10 Best Cities for Public Transportation, According to U.S. News

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  • In other headlines, read about SF’s most dangerous streets for bikes:

    It refers to an interactive map, which is here:

  • Bob Davis

    I followed that link to “How do you have a frank discussion with kids about cars” topic and found it quite interesting. The focus was on parents who choose not to own automobiles and how to deal with questions about this choice from children, such as “Are we poor? Is that why we ride the bus?” or “Everyone else (in our circle) has a car, why don’t we?” There was a period in the 60’s when my daughters were in the 5 to 8 year old range and I would take them on the local bus quite often, even though we lived in suburban Los Angeles County with less than wonderful transit service. They didn’t think there was anything wrong with riding a bus; it was somewhat of an adventure. They’d even comment on the model of coach on that day’s run: Older units from the 1950’s were “round buses”. Today they’ve long since grown up and found their places in the world. One daughter car-pools to work, and the other does a combination of tele-commute, bus and bicycle.

  • @Murph:

    I don’t think any amount of ducking will help me avoid that schedule smacking me right upside the head. That is horrible.

    I know a lot of talk as been made about commute hours still being a viable option, but it is not. As someone who doesn’t own a car, lives in the city and works in Redwood City, it is critical to have midday access to Caltrain. Absolutely critical. And those who ride the train now with a viable car option, they won’t continue to ride if they feel they may be stranded at one end because they are forced to work late or need to return home midday for something.

    I always thought 101 would make a good parking lot.

  • I forgot to mention the epic fail that will be bike bumping. I hope Warm Planet is planning on opening earlier and tripling their capacity.