Today’s Headlines

  • CPUC Investigating Muni for Numerous Safety Violations (SF Gate, SF Examiner)
  • Disability Advocates say Muni’s Low-Floor Buses Need Better Design (SF Exam)
  • BART Board Member Calls Effort to Fire GM “Unfair” and “Disgraceful” (KCBS)
  • Press Democrat: A “Backlash Against” Recently-Approved Bike Lanes in Sonoma
  • CARB Board Approves Revised Cap and Trade Resolution (Switchboard)
  • GG Bridge District Considering $2 Parking at Larkspur Ferry Ferminal (Marin IJ)
  • L.A. Transit Authority Buys Union Station for $75 Million (LA Times)
  • Man Hit by Driver on Sacramento’s Arden Way; Injuries “Severe” (Sac Bee)
  • SFBC Survey Ride Explores the Bay to Beach Route (Bike About Town)
  • Momentum Magazine Gets a New Look (Bike Portland)

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  • Justin

    On ‘backlash’ against parking / travel lane removal:

    “It just seems like a really dangerous road to put a bike lane in,” said Emilie White, a nurse at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center who lives on 5th Street West.

    Awesome. Love that she’s a nurse. These people are so blind to what we’re trying to do. I don’t really think its our fault, as advocates…people’s brains just go completely stupid when they hear parking removal/reduction in travel lanes. If your brain goes stupid in this way, no wonder you can miss things like the obvious safety-enhancement that a bike lane would provide.

    We just have to fight them, the board should not rescind the lane approval. When it comes to community input, sometimes you have to call people on their bullshit.


  • A nurse at UCSF who lives 50 miles away in Sonoma no less…

  • EL

    murphstahoe – What’s your problem if the nurse lives in Sonoma? Maybe she has family there? Maybe she grew up there? Maybe that was the only job available to her? Maybe she has children and are happy with local schools so she doesn’t want to move?

    Would your opinion of her change if she drove to a Golden Gate Transit stop and took a bus into the City, or if she took public transportation the whole way?

  • John Murphy

    @EL – My opinion would change if she rode her bike the whole way. Nothing less.

    As long as we’re being absurd.

  • EL

    Likewise, have you actually been on 5th Street West in Sonoma? It is so wide that it looks like parking could be preserved and a cycle track could be accommodated too.

  • EL

    John Murphy – Have YOU been on 5th Street West in Sonoma? 4 lanes wide + parking on both sides approaching an elementary school! Keep the parking, put in a cycle track, and remove 2 lanes.

  • If a nurse can’t see the benefits of physical activity being promoted, then where is the hope for everyone else? Windshield perspective blinds all.

  • jd

    It truly is amazing how even healthcare officials — who everyday see the reality of heart disease being the #1 killer in this country, a significant part of which is causes by lack of exercise caused by everybody driving everywhere — are so addicted to automobiles that even they are working against their own goals by advocating against increasing the number of cyclists (which requires increasing cycling infrastructure). It truly is an addiction which comes with all the symptoms of withdrawal ….

    EL, I think murphstahoe’s point was simply how the automobiles have created a society that is so incredibly sprawled that people are commuting 50 miles one-way. It’s not a personal thing against this one person, but just a commentary on our society that cars beget cars which beget more cars. People wouldn’t have to travel so far in the first place if it wasn’t for the car. And if they weren’t so far, bicycling would be an option. And everybody would be better off because of it.