Decision Appears Imminent on SFMTA Chief Nat Ford’s Future

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Board of Directors is scheduled to meet tomorrow beginning at 8 a.m. EST to decide whether to hire SFMTA Chief Nat Ford as its chief executive, according a spokesperson for the agency. If recent coverage in the Washington Post is any indication, there’s no guarantee Ford has the job.

Nat Ford in his office at 1 South Van Ness. Photo: Bryan Goebel

Ford, who is in Washington for the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) legislative conference, told Streetsblog last month that he was recruited by the MWAA, citing his “national reputation” as a transit executive. Rumors about Ford’s potential departure have been circulating for years, though.

An MWAA spokesperson said the board of directors is scheduled to meet for three hours tomorrow, and if there’s a decision it would be announced in the afternoon.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, Ford is in D.C. with SFMTA Board Chair Tom Nolan, who has confirmed that closed-door meetings have been held about a possible replacement. Among the names circulating is SFDPW Chief Ed Reiskin and SFMTA Deputy Executive Director Carter Rohan.

But what if Ford doesn’t get the job? Does he have the political support to stick around, or will there be an effort to boot him?

Stay tuned.

  • Richard Rothman

    Time for a new MTA leader Ed Lee should be the new MTA director

  • Ciaran

    $375k for the airport job – clearly we are underpaying him.

  • Nick

    So did he once take MUNI to work?

  • Ciaran


    Way back in 2006 maybe ( but I wonder how long that lasted.

  • paa

    What is Ford’s national reputation? I would assume it’s terrible given the piss-poor job he’s done here, so I’m confused as to how he has a future in transportation as well as how he commands such a high salary.

  • Category error alert!

    He’s not in the “transportation” field, so the absymal failure of everything Muni is completely beside the point.

    Rather, he’s in the “public to private wealth transfer enabling” field, in which more grotesque the public policy failure (exhibit A: Muni’s sole priority for the next 30 years, PNQD’s Central Subway) the better the qualification.

    Stop judging the poor man by the wrong standards. He’s doing a very good job.


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