Three Bike Corrals Installed in the Richmond, Upper and Lower Haight

A new bike corral in front of Green Apple Books on Clement Street. Photo: SFBC

Bike corrals are a hot commodity in San Francisco. The SFMTA installed three within the last week: one in front of Rooky Ricardo’s Records in the Lower Haight, one in front of Braindrops Boutique in the Upper Haight, and the most recent in front of Green Apple Books on Clement Street in the Richmond.

The three corrals alone have created 30 convenient spots for bikes previously reserved to park three cars.

“San Franciscans are biking in record numbers and on-street corrals are a great way that the City is starting to catch up with widespread demand for more bike parking,” says Leah Shahum, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. “It’s also a great way that businesses are encouraging the huge numbers of people on bikes to stop and shop.”

Rooky Ricardo’s Records owner Dick Vivian told Haighteration he applied for a corral over a year ago during the bike injunction. If that’s any indication, the SFMTA likely has a backlog of demand to catch up with.

Rooky Ricardo's Records in the Lower Haight. Photo: Haighteration

If you know a business that would benefit from an on-street bike parking corral, you can download a flyer and application at