Today’s Headlines

  • D.C. Airports Authority Postpones Decision on Hiring SFMTA Chief Nat Ford (City Insider, SF Exam)
  • Postponement Shows Deep Divisions on D.C. Board, Membership Change (Washington Post)
  • Republicans Threaten to Hold Up State Budget Unless CEQA is Rewritten (LAT via Streetsblog LA)
  • Electrical Problem Causes BART Delays In and Out of SF (SF Gate, SF Examiner)
  • Rep. Zoe Lofgren to Announce High-Speed Rail Congressional Caucus (Sac Bee)
  • Alameda County Transpo Survey Shouldn’t Pit Modes Against Each Other (Living in the O)
  • SMART Shortfall Could Grow to $140 Million in “Worst Case Scenario” (Press Democrat)
  • Governor’s Plan to Slash Redevelopment Funds “Could Kill Affordable Housing Program” (Merc)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Drill, Baby! Drill! FAIL.

    “The only thing that can protect Americans from the inevitably increasing oil shocks of Peak Oil is an aggressive strategy to reduce the country’s oil intensity (oil/GDP)”

    Sadly, the only suggestion listed is:
    “including a steady increase the fuel efficiency of our vehicles”

  • Here is more from Climate Progress.

  • jd

    mikesonn: To add to your comments, I thought this was really interesting:

    To quote:

    Number of producing oil wells in the Middle East: 15,074
    Number of producing oil wells in OPEC countries: 37,086
    Number of producing oil wells in the United States: 525,998

    “No country on earth has had its oil resources more thoroughly explored and developed than the United States of America ….

    Drill, baby, drill? Been there. Done that.

    And still, we consume 19 million barrels of oil a day, while producing less than half that.

    We need to get off this roller coaster.”

  • Thanks for the link, jd.

    Google maps added EV charging station info.

  • You folks must be pleased that the Republicans are joining the Bicycle Coalition in an effort to “rewrite” CEQA. Recall the outrage five years ago when we got an injunction against the Bicycle Plan under CEQA. Leah Shahum even accused us of “perverting” the law!

  • Nick

    Rob, you’re living in the past. No one cares.

  • The city’s bike people griped about CEQA when we got the injunction, and the Republicans have always griped about CEQA as if it was nothing but an expensive imposition on developers. Maybe you and the Repugs can make a deal. The city’s bike people have long talked about “reforming” CEQA, which essentially means exempting bicycle plans from that law or substituting a bogus “trips generated” standard for measuring traffic.