Today’s Headlines

  • Nat Ford Drama Continues: He’s Still Being Considered for D.C. Job (D.C. Examiner, SF Exam)
  • Twin Peaks, Sunset Muni Tunnels Have Not Been Seismically Tested (SF Examiner)
  • SF Supes Divided on MTC Appointment; Scott Wiener Wins Rules Vote (City Insider)
  • Supes Prez and Mayoral Candidate David Chiu Opposes Waterfront Condos (Bay Citizen)
  • AC Transit Riders Demand Better Bus Service; Agency Considering Fare Hikes (People’s World)
  • New Guide Outlines “Transportation Health Equity Principles” (Bike Portland)
  • Coco Times Covers “Initial Vision Scenario,” Smart-Growth Planning for Bay Area
  • Horrific: Woman “Knocked About 80 Feet” by Driver in Mill Valley (Marin IJ)
  • Bombardier “People Movers” Installed at Sacramento International Airport (Sac Bee)
  • Mixed-Use Development Planned for Sacramento’s Historic Warehouse District (Sac Press)
  • Calif. High-Speed Rail Authority says 1,100 Companies Interested in CAHSR (AP via SF Gate)
  • Bay to Breakers Attracts Title Sponsor in Two-Year Deal (City Insider, SF Examiner)

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  • Mark D.

    It’s not suprising that the Twin Peaks and Sunset tunnels are falling apart – they are closing in on being 100 years old. Still, Muni should be inspecting their safety and vulnerability to earthquakes. Hell, check out Forest Hill Station while you’re at it. We won’t be able to move around all of us westsiders after an earthquake if there’s no Muni, no matter how much we complain about the system.

  • Is spending well over half your time looking for other employment a breach of contract? I say the MTA board needs to take a stand, show Nat the door, and move on. Muni’s issues need someone who is present and willing to work.

    Maybe the GOP, though unwilling to do it to Wall Street, would look to put a cap on tranist CEO pay. The whole industry is out to profit off the public (high pay for management, costly worthless projects to siphon funds into private contractors pockets) and not provide reasonable and reliable service.

    Sorry Nat, Muni doesn’t need your drama – it has plenty of its own.

  • Kate P.

    I find it ridiculous and irresponsible of Muni to not be seismically inspecting their facilities. It’s not “if” there will be an earthquake but “when”.

  • Sacramento International Airport is getting a $1 billion face lift, but we don’t have money for HSR? Did I miss something?

  • It seems to me the “Initial Vision Scenario” is making a big political mistake by talking about increase in households/dwelling units, rather than increase in population.

    For example, in Berkeley, they are talking about a 34% increase in the number of households, which will definitely get the NIMBYs to take up arms. But households are getting smaller as the population ages: if (hypothetically) the average Berkeley household becomes 20% smaller by 2035, then the 34% increase in households is less than an 8% increase in population, a number that is much less likely to provoke opposition.

    Factoring in the changes in household size would make it harder to do their calculations, but it would also make their results more meaningful and would make smart growth more do-able politically.

    Likewise, they say that the ratio of jobs to households in Berkeley is 1.5, but this tells us nothing meaningful about the jobs/housing balance unless we know how many working people there are in the average household.

    This is their initial vision document, which does not talk about economic feasibility. They say they will follow it up with a more realistic, scaled-back projection. If they begin by talking about growth in number of households, political reaction may make them scale back so much that they end up with a growth in the number of households that is so modest that it causes little or no growth in population.

  • Nick

    Re: David Chiu

    I just made up my mind to NOT vote for him for higher office, ever. Sorry David I really like you otherwise but people need jobs. That’s 2 projects that were desperately needed that you voted down.

    And at the same time, they push a local hire ordinance but won’t allow any new development.

  • Nick, can you expand on the job issue being a sticking point for you?

    Devil’s advocate: short term jobs for buildings that will be there for the next 80+ years isn’t really a big issue.

    Personally, I didn’t see anything wrong with 555 Washington (a little tall maybe but it was next to the pyramid and it was luxury condos and we don’t really need more of those). And 8 Washington was a so/so project as well, but they were planning on putting in a ton of parking. The parking was also going to be under water level requiring massive pumping. Both projects were mainly argued against because of their height. 555 encroaching on the height limits of North Beach and 8 “blocking” views and taking away the “public” (term used VERY loosely) rec area that is the Golden Gate tennis club.

  • John Murphy

    Scott Wiener would hands down be a better person to sit on the MTC than Campos. The only real transit issue Campos has dealt with lately is the passes for low income youth (a good idea, I think we should give them out to all youth). It’s just not in the forefront of Campos’ mindset compared to Wiener.

  • John,

    How often does that come up for appointment? I think Wiener has been pretty pro-active so far and would love to see him get an opportunity to really walk the walk.

  • John Murphy

    mike – I don’t know – but write your supervisor.

  • Wow, this is fromGreen Car Reports. But right on cue, this is how he finishes:

    “Of course, in reality, not everybody in the States has adequate access to a public transit system. Those drivers have no choices at all; for them, the car is here to stay.”