Today’s Headlines

  • Jogger Hit by Driver Who Ran Red Light on Masonic Avenue (SF Weekly, BIKE NOPA)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Sought in Death of Pedestrian on I-280 (SF Gate)
  • Bay Area Gas Prices Highest in Country But No Big Decline in Driving Seen Yet (Bay Citizen)
  • GG Bridge District says Higher Gas Prices Behind Spike in Bus Ridership (Marin IJ)
  • Federal Budget Deal Could Spell Delays for CAHSR, Bart to San Jose (Mercury News, Sac Bee)
  • Muni Driver in Trouble for Forcing Family Off Bus (SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA Still Facing $17.8 Million Budget Hole (SF Examiner)
  • Bicyclist Seriously Hurt in Fall in SF’s Financial District (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Grist’s Elly Blue on the Economic Case for On-Street Bike Parking
  • City of Santa Rosa, Mall Close to Deal on Parking Fees at Garages (Press Democrat)

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  • Anonymous

    “No arrest and no citation resulted. O’Leary explained that California law does not permit officers to give citations unless they witness the incident.”

    This has to change. There is zero reason this should be law!

  • Justin

    @mikesonn, exactly. What is a new Masonic redesign really worth if you can still blow through red lights and take out pedestrians or cyclists? This is one of those moments where North American and SF bike advocates’ pro/neutral stance on cars in the city is a real problem. We need to be willing to go for the gut on these bastards and make it much harder for them to participate in a system of motorized violence with built-in absolution. Its time to end the ‘mistakes were made but none of them were ours’ perspective on traffic violence.

  • jd

    Regarding the jogger hit crossing Masonic ….

    What BS that we as citizens tolerates this crap. I’m so damn tired of us prioritizing cars along with their death and destruction at the sake of truly healthy, safe, and livable cities. I’m sure this driver will get a fine. But what should really happen is, there should be criminal charges and their license suspended for 5 years. In that time, they should have to do community service that involves supporting pedestrian and bicycle projects.

    I’m also disappointed at how poorly of a job SF is doing on this issue of taking our cities back from cars. All these roads that pass through our cities that are effectively freeways need to be massively calmed with bike lanes and more pedestrian space. People need to get over the idea that they should be able to drive their car across the city quickly. That mindset must end.

  • Justin

    jd, it sounds highly unlikely that the driver will have to pay a fine. they won’t even cite him/her.

  • Stuart Chuang Matthews

    Let’s shut Masonic down. Don’t open it back up until it’s been fixed.

  • Anonymous

    The driver will get nuked in a civil suit. The insurance company will move to settle, though depending on the liability being carried, they may get maxed out in which case the driver is exposed. But if the driver is hit for substantial damages, bankruptcy can fix that. None of this will end up with the desired result – that of the driver’s privileges being revoked.

    As you grow up there is a myth that if you do “bad things” when driving you could lose your license, but people learn that you can do pretty much whatever and not lose your license. Those who are actually capable of crossing that line – are more than willing to ignore the suspension because the penalty for driving without a license is trivial.

    This has created the moral hazard where bad driving can produce some sort of “positive” for the driver, but has no negative consequence. That has to change.

  • Anonymous

    This goes beyond Masonic now. When the law allows for gross negligence then the law needs to be changed. And this isn’t something that can wait for tomorrow, or wait for the Masonic (or CC or Fell) St rebuild/calming/BS. It needs to be addressed yesterday.

    No citation unless a cop sees you do it? How much more obvious can it be that someone got hit than this situation? She’s laying in the street, multiple witnesses, and still no citation? Speeding, blowing a red light, infringing on pedestrian ROW, causing great bodily harm with a deadly weapon – got off scot-free. The driver should be behind bars at least for the night and (as someone mentioned) have their license revoked.

    And the difference of just 5 mph of getting hit would make a world of difference. We continue to engineer roads to allow drivers to feel comfortable speeding. They should feel stressed and on high alert AT ALL TIMES behind the wheel. A driver should never feel comfortable going even 25 mph on any city streets, let alone 35 or more.

  • Anonymous

    Bay Area Gas Prices Highest in Country But No Big Decline in Driving Seen Yet
    GG Bridge District says Higher Gas Prices Behind Spike in Bus Ridership

    The hope was that gas prices would stay low so we failed to keep transit at the levels we had in 2007-8 when prices spiked. Now prices are spiking again, and we’re less prepared. Brutal.

  • EL

    “Bicyclist Seriously Hurt in Fall on SF’s Montgomery Street”

    I hope that the bicyclist recovers form their injuries. But damn…. hard not to argue that he was asking for it (going the wrong way on a one-way street).

  • Anonymous

    He was going the wrong way on Washington before he got to Montgomery.

    “The 40-year-old man was riding his bike against the one-way traffic on nearby Washington Street prior to the fall, police said.”

    It’s hard to go the wrong way on Montgomery, it’s even hard to go the right way. Traffic is fast and aggressive. I’ve been forced into parking spaces by drivers the speed up from behind and then jerk over. Thankfully all that happened was the skin was rubbed off my knuckles, but people drive like idiots on Montgomery south of Washington.

  • Anonymous

    How many cuts have we had since ’08?

    Plus the GGB Dist wants to increase fares by $1 then instill a 5% increase per year.

    “The same 5 percent hike would also continue each year for another four years — through 2015 — under the plan that aims to help solve the district’s five-year, $89 million deficit. The fare plan would generate another $2.6 million for the district over five years.”

  • Anonymous

    GG Transit buses were running SRO from Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park in 2008 when gas hit $4.50. Service has been cut since then – though they have manipulated their service to put more buses on runs at the most popular times, and the 101 Express bus is a “stroke of genius” (by that I mean – “Duh. People want to go places faster”.

    MUNI has been cut, Caltrain has been cut, BART went to 15 minute headways off peak in 2008 and then cut back to 20 minute headways. Everyone has raised fares faster than inflation.

  • Nick

    There’s no “Jogger Advocacy Coalition” but if there were one of their tennants would be to never jog into a crosswalk at full speed even if you have a green light.

    I’m in no way blaming the victim. But most accidents do occur at intersections and they deamnd everyone’s complete attention and caution.

  • Anonymous

    Murph, exactly. I was too lazy (and didn’t want to get too depressed) so I didn’t list out all the cuts. It was more of a hypothetical question. Thanks for filling in the blanks.

    We are in a much worse position then we were 2 years ago. Forcing people to own, operate, maintain, etc private vehicles will greatly hinder our ability to recover from any recession – then add in volatile gas prices (peak oil or not) and it is a major uphill battle.

    All while constant “fiscal emergencies” have brought us transit cuts and fare hikes year after year.

  • EL

    mikesonn – How do you know the bicyclist was on Montgomery? I don’t know how Streetsblog came to that conclusion. Nowhere in the article does it say that. All the article says is that the fall occurred NEAR the intersection of Columbus / Montgomery / Washington, and that the bicyclist was going the wrong way on Washington.

  • Anonymous

    I guess when they say “on nearby Washington Street” that means that it didn’t happen ON Washington Street. But it could of just of easily happened on Columbus or Montgomery.

    I was just speaking to how crazy Montgomery can be from my own experience.

  • jd

    Absolutely. But the point is, when you operate a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds and hundreds of horesepower more than a bicyclist or pedestrian, and then you screw up while operating that vehicle, you must be punished, and severely in cases like this were somebody was injured. Sure, joggers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc should all be on the lookout for the insanity that is our car culture where drivers are distracted and think they have free reign over our cities, and that’s a great thing to remind people, but *never* does it take away the responsibility of those in the larger and more powerful vehicle. And as others have pointed out, sadly, in this society the car is on the untouchable alter and the friggin cop can’t even give you a ticket for something as obvious as this let alone get them to behave better while driving.

    But I do hope the jogger recovers … and that she sues the crap out of that driver to try to just get even an ounce of justice.

  • Lionel

    But there must have been witnesses, else how do we know the driver blew through a red?

    And if there are witnesses, then the cops should be able to act on that.

  • Anonymous

    In February, a driver ran a red light on Geary at Arguello and killed another driver. The police arrested the red light runner, though they did not witness the crash. So the idea that the police can’t charge a driver unless they see the violation with their own eyes sounds bogus.

    Rule #37 for staying alive in SF: don’t run green lights — be sure to “look” before you “book” 😉