Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Name Muni, LRV Driver At Fault in 2009 West Portal Tunnel Crash (ExaminerSF GateSF Appeal)
  • BART Board Approves Study on Running Friday Night Late Trains (Examiner, Coco Times, Bay Citizen)
  • BART Continues Testing New Types of Seats With Public for Future Train Cars (Coco Times)
  • Opponents to File Petition to Keep BART Out of Downtown Livermore (Coco Times)
  • New CA Law Forces Rental Car Companies to Pull Recalled Vehicles Off the Road (AP via SF Gate)
  • Activists Plan “Barf” Demonstration in Dolores Park Tomorrow to Protest Food Trucks (Examiner)
  • SFMTA Warns of Crackdown on Sidewalk Parking (Noe Valley SF)
  • Motorists Urged to Look Out for People Running, Cycling… But Only Because of Events (Coco Times)
  • Driver Rams School Bus Full of Children in Menlo Park, No Serious Injuries (Mercury News)
  • San Jose Looks to Make Diridon the “Grand Central Station” of the West (Mercury News, Examiner)
  • The Economist Explores America’s Failing Transportation Infrastructure (via Infrastructurist)
  • mikesonn

    So the state called out the MTA and Ford dodged it. What will his excuse be for the feds?

  • Nick

    Re: Sidewalk Parking

    They should use colored paint (red) to stripe where the sidewalk/driveway fine zone
    begins. They use it in front of fire hydrants; why not here? They should do a trial along one of the main problematic sidewalks to see if it helps with compliance. It would also clue in pedestrians that “this is MY space.”

  • Anonymous

    Nick – you can’t park in the setbacks at all….

  • david vartanoff

    Livermore obviously doesn’t need or deserve rapid transit.

  • mikesonn

    I didn’t see any argument (reasonable or otherwise) against the downtown location. Did I miss something? Does anyone know more about this?

  • Stuart Chuang Matthews

    The West Portal Station follow-up seems like a case study on how to react to accidents like that. The NTSB studied it thoroughly, and MUNI listened, making effective changes in response.

  • Stuart Chuang Matthews

    Re: sidewalk parking. What an excellent start. Now let’s get a citywide rollout of this change.

  • Alex

    You’re joking, right? I mean, really, earnestly, joking?

    While the MTA should have canned that guy a long time ago for being unfit for duty… that they even looked at his behaviour as a problem. Well, no. Manually pulling a train into a station is a fine practice. While the charade of safety marches on with the outbound tracks, drivers… get this… they pull the trains into West Portal manually EVERY TIME. Somehow this is safer going inbound?

    But they don’t double berth inbound, right? Au contraire. They do that all the freaking time..

    While the NTSB focused on the accidents this driver caused, where’s the focus on who the hell lets a morbidly obese man with uncontrolled diabetes drive a 50 ton vehicle or two? The FAA would never let him fly a 2500lb Cessna, and the California DMV would never give him even a Class C license /now/.

    Hell, where was the NTSB when the doors on the LRVs were so problematic that the safety interlocks were being disabled as a matter of course, and one guy got ground into hamburger on Judah as a result? This… this “report” might as well have been issued by the CPUC.

  • Stuart Chuang Matthews

    @Alex: No, I wasn’t joking. Clearly you know more about the situation than I do. I was commenting based on what I read in the article.

  • The arguments I’ve seen against the downtown route (for instance on the web site) include that it would require demolition of 81 homes, relocation of some businesses, and disruption during construction.

    (I don’t know whether that number is correct, and in my opinion it’s better not to build it at all than to build it unwalkably far from actual destinations.)

  • mikesonn

    Thanks Eric. And I agree.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing in that blog indicates any specificity to Noe Valley.

  • Cfsggf

    “SFMTA Warns of Crackdown on Sidewalk Parking in Noe Valley”

    The Streetsblog headline implies Noe Valley, Murph.

  • Anonymous

    OK, Streetblog made the same error Stuart did. Click through to the original article, and find a reference to a crackdown specific to Noe Valley.

  • You may well be right, murph. Our bad.