This Weekend’s Mission Sunday Streets Will Be Packed With Fun

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A sunny weather forecast promises an ideal Mother’s Day for the thousands of San Franciscans planning to enjoy Sunday Streets in the Mission District. An extended route this year will be filled with live music and activities, and some of the biggest crowds yet are expected to fill Valencia and 24th Streets, one of the event’s most popular locations.

“This route is packed from end to end,” said Sunday Streets coordinator Susan King.  “We actually ran out of programming room to accommodate all the people who wanted to come out and perform and play, which is a great problem to have.”

Families will have the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day dancing, riding bikes, skating, doing Yoga, painting, and watching performances on streets filled with live music at “nearly every other storefront,” said King.

Around 20,000 people are expected to relax and play along 15 car-free blocks of Valencia Street from 24th Street all the way to Duboce, a welcome extension this year to some of the corridor’s liveliest blocks.

The event’s popularity with residents and businesses continues to grow, and this year will have more programming tuned to the neighborhood’s character. Performances from BRAVA Theatre on York Street as well as the Mission Cultural Center’s dance and music performances at the 24th Street BART Plazas will provide a local vibe. Hip-hop dance performances and lessons, cultural performances with Mission Girls and Head Start, cartooning and creative arts at 826 Valencia, and many other activities will also bring the community out to the streets.

Artist Television Access will also host a live KUSF broadcast and screen segments from the Streetfilms series Moving Beyond the Automobile.

“The Mission District, like Chinatown and North Beach, is a very populated part of the city without a lot of open space for people to bike, exercise, play and socialize – this is why Sunday Streets is so important to these communities,” Mayor Ed Lee said in a statement.

For now, we can only hope the city’s growing hunger for car-free streets is quelled by this weekend’s nearly two-mile stretch.

“We’re hoping to eventually push out and have the entire Valencia corridor from Market to Cesar Chavez,” said King. “Clearly, that’s very challenging, because Duboce Street is a major cross street, and we just didn’t have manpower or the budget this year to make it happen.”

  • MAB

    Great route, but WAY too much cross traffic.

  • Fran Taylor

    Just to add to the crush, a protest against the war on drugs, in solidarity with similar actions being held throughout Mexico the same day, will be taking place at 24th and Mission at noon on Sunday. From the announcement:

    “We express our solidarity, our pain, our connection to all the families in Mexico who have suffered the violence, the displacement, the lack of justice, the militarization, the war against drugs and against citizens, the logic that the violence has to get worse before it gets better, the indifference and lies about so many civilian lives trapped in a war that doesn’t end until the people say, No, No more blood, we are fed up!”

    doesn’t end until the people say, No, No more blood, we are fed up!

  • NoeValleyJim

    It won’t be sunny.

  • mikesonn

    Hooray for negativity!

    How about we wait and see?

  • A great day, a great turnout. Lovely weather. So many people, though, that we basically couldn’t ride our bikes on Valencia south of 18th Street. Should have shown up earlier, I guess.

  • NoeValleyJim

    Okay it was mostly sunny, I was wrong. The sun and fog fought all day but mostly the sun won. It was pretty windy, but all and all a great way to spend Mother’s Day with the family.

  • ZA_SF

    I’d like to think of today as the Mother of all Sunday Streets. *g*

  • mikesonn

    Beautiful weather, sunny with very few clouds and the wind didn’t really impact much (if any) of the route. Getting there, however, was crazy. Market was a wind tunnel, but the new lanes were awesome and my wife said she felt comfortable the whole ride from North Beach to the start of the route.

    Personally, I like parking my bike and walking the route. I feel you get to see more, interact more, and it’s less stressful (lots of little ones on scooters shooting this way and that). Once again, we found businesses that have escaped us on previous visits that we will return to in the future.

    I’d gather from the huge turn out that we need more Sunday Streets more often. There is some serious pent up demand for livable communities and large pedestrian zones. Note that this took place during a sold-out Giants game, so even more potential.

    Thank you to the Sunday Streets crew for all their hard work. Keep it up!


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