A Vigil for a Fallen Pedestrian

From NOPNA President Jarie Bolander:

On Friday morning a pedestrian, James Hudson, was killed while crossing the street at the intersection of Turk & Masonic. Join your neighborhood in mourning the loss of yet another person at this dangerous corner. Let’s all come together to strengthen our efforts to make our streets safer. Your prayers for the departed and our community are welcome. A safety dialogue will follow the vigil.

For further information contact:
NOPNA President Jarie Bolander 415-385-2348 jarie.bolander@gmail.com

Download the flyer [pdf].

  • sfnative

    its not the corner thats dangerous……it was the DRUNK driver, and a DRUNK DRIVER could kill a pedestrian anywhere!

  • TurkMasonicResident

    sfnative, it is a dangerous intersection and a dangerous corner for many reasons. drunk driving aside, that intersection needs improvements to aid the safe crossing of pedestrians and bicyclists. i know this well from five years of living on that corner and surviving near-misses with sober motorists.