SF Bicycle Coalition Board Meeting

From SFBC:

Everyone’s invited! Contact Leah at 415-431-2453 x306 orleah@sfbike.org for agenda and details.



Talking Headways Podcast: Zero Emissions Cities Are the Key

This week we’re joined by Patrick Oliva, co-founder of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, to talk about the decarbonization of transport. The conversation touches on the electrification of the transportation sector and what it means for climate change, the role cities need to play in the Paris process and what levels of government work best to address climate change, and what the focus should be for mayors in the coming decade.
Menlo Park plans to include just one five-foot wide bike lane on the south side of Haven Avenue, and no bike lane at all on the north side, where parallel parking will be removed. Photo: Andrew Boone

Bike Lane Gap in Menlo Park Bay Trail Route

On Tuesday evening the Menlo Park City Council approved the construction of a new streetscape for Haven Avenue that will bring wide sidewalks to the block nearest Marsh Road where there are none today — but also leave a gap in bike lanes at a key location along the popular San Francisco Bay Trail route. The […]
For London's mayor, reconfiguring streets for people is an essential goal, not a frill. Image: Mayor's Draft Transport Strategy

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Transportation Vision: Add a Million People While Cutting Traffic By 3 Million Miles Each Day

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s transport strategy for the next 25 years lays out a vision for how his city, expected to add 1.5 million people by 2041 on top of its current 9 million residents, is planning to keep moving while reducing pollution and improving quality of life. The big idea: Cars are the problem, not the solution. The report […]

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