SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda and schedule

Of note:

3-5. Affirming/Reversing Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report – Parkmerced Project

6-8. Affirming the Exemption Determination – AT&T Network “Lightspeed” Upgrade

16. Agreement – Administration/Management of Ocean Avenue CommunityBenefits District

18. Grant Easement to, and Acceptance of Easement Purchase and Sale Agreement and Delivery Truck Easement Agreement – Avalon Ocean Avenue, L.P. – Phelan Bus Loop
19-22. Hearing – Appeal of Determination of Exemption from Environmental Review – 1787 Union Street
25- 28. Committee Reports: Parkmerced Agreements
30. Opposing Taxi Fare Increase Without Improved Taxi Service
31. Committee of the Whole – Report of Assessment Costs for Blighted Properties
32 – 34. Committee of the Whole – Authorizing the Use of Real Property Located at 701 Lombard Street – Joe DiMaggio Playground Master Plan Project
35. Final Map 5388 – 1840 Washington Street
Proposed Ordinances
11063 Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Brotherhood Way
11064-6 General Plan Amendments – Executive Park Subarea Plan
11067 General Plan Amendment – Community Safety Element