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  • mikesonn

    Someone put this up over on the NYC headlines thread.

    In 2025, 1 in 4 drivers will be 65 or older.

  • mikesonn

    From the comments:

    “C O’Connor (ncokie) wrote:
    I grew up in a very walkable neighborhood with a grocery store, pharmacy, pizza parlor, beauty parlor, hardware store and gas station within easy walking distance (1-2 blocks). We had only one car for many years, but really didn’t need it. We walked to school, church and the park. Where I live now, there is nothing within walking distance, although we are able to bike to a few places. I realized too late what a wonderful environment I grew up in, otherwise, I would have pursued something similar for my own kids. I had a lot more freedom and responsibility growing up as a result of my environment, than my kids have had.”