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  • mikesonn

    How’s Muni these days? Has any data been released on the how closing Stockton street south of the tunnel to private autos has impacted service (I’m assuming for the better). I’d also like to see how service is during PCO enforcement and non-PCO enforcement periods. I’ve seen Stockton moving at a snails pace early in the morning and late at night (though late at night is much much worse) since most people ignore the sign and soft hit posts if there is no PCO present.

  • jd_x

    Re: Google and robotic cars.

    This jut epitomizes our culture’s addiction to technology over all else, even when the technology is the reason we have the problem in the first place. We could spend untold amounts of money on unproven and risky technology that actually completely avoids (in fact, makes worse) most of the problems with cars (contribution to the obesity epidemic, destruction of the livability of our cities, most significant contributor to noise in our urban areas, inherent inefficient nature of cars, etc), or we could spend money on policy that uses already existing technology to not only solve congestion problems, but all the other problems with cars. I can’t stand this, naive tech-oriented view of the world that Google epitomizes, where we just produce more crap and more technology that feeds ou adictive natures without thinking about our own behavior and how we can solve problems with better social engineering

  • Anonymous

    ya know, they need some express buses to Caltrain…

  • The diversion of cars from Stockton began February 9, right?  I’ll look at archived NextBus data and check what impact it has had on the buses.

  • mikesonn

    I believe so. I’m sure the first couple weeks were rough, and sometime in March they added the soft hit posts just north of Post St.

    Thanks Eric.

  • As far as I can tell, the construction has hurt the 30 Stockton’s performance more than the absence of cars has helped it.  It looks like the typical speed of the line went up a little in January but then dropped back below the old typical speed.