East Bay Bike Party: Skirt Ride

From EBBP:
June’s ride is going to be oh-so-much-more than just a bike ride. Why?
  1. It’s a benefit for Spokeland.
  2. We’ll be raffling off a Pake cyclocross bike as part of the post-ride fiesta.
  3. There will be contests with awesome prizes.
  4. We’ve coordinated with the people behind the new Ashby BART Bike Station’s kickoff celebration to have it on Bike Party Friday (so it’ll be our pre-party).
  5. You’ll be there!!

And to top it all off, our theme is easy, fun and has millions of possibilities…


You can flirt in your skirt. Be curt in your skirt. Wear a shirt with your skirt. Though you might get dirt in your skirt, don’t get hurt in your skirt! And never, ever buzz a yurt in your skirt!

Whether it’s a miniskirt, tutu, kilt, grass skirt, man-wrap or something unexpected and unprecedented, we want you to get all skirted up and make the scene.

As always, the ride will depart at 8pm, but you’re invited to arrive even earlier than usual, as we’ll be celebrating with the Ashby BART Bike Station folks at their celebration (which will be underway way, way before 7:30).

The afterparty is a benefit for Spokeland Bike Co-Op, and that’s where proceeds from the Pake cyclocross bike raffle and beer sales of delicious Linden Street beer will go. Plus, there will be contests, where your mad bike skillz could win you prizes!

We’ll have more information about the pre-party, post-party (including where it’ll be) and ride route in the coming weeks.

And now… say it with me… BIKE PARTY!!!!!


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