Today’s Headlines

  • Arbitrator Upholds Contract Muni Drivers Rejected (SF Gate, BCN via KTVU, SF Exam)
  • Seniors Plan to Protest Dangerous SF Pedestrian Crossing (The Snitch)
  • BART Seeks Public Feedback on New General Manager (SF Examiner)
  • Mayor Signs Park Merced Plan as Opponents Seek Ballot Measure (City Insider)
  • SF Plan to Require Property Owners to Maintain Trees Under Fire (SF Gate)
  • Switching Problems Cause Delays for Caltrain Riders (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Outcome of Calif. Cap-and-Trade Debate Will Have Wide Impacts (SF Gate)
  • SF Bicyclist Dies from Injuries Sustained in Forest Hills Crash (SF Examiner)
  • “Drunken Truck Driver” Collides with “Intoxicated Bicyclist” in North Fair Oaks (Daily News)
  • Two-Week Construction Project Begins in West Portal (SF Examiner)
  • Human Transit Challenges Texas Transpo Insitute’s Influential “Urban Mobility Report”
  • Bob Berry, Longtime Critical Mass Rider Who Worked at Caltrans Dies (SF Critical Mass)

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  • mikesonn

    During the strike, all bus lanes should be converted to bike lanes. However, that would require enforcement which we don’t get now.

  • Alex

    Akit points out that jitneys will inevitably pop up.  Perhaps the restrictions on those could be eased a bit so that they could be /legal/ and last beyond however long this “labor action” will last.

    It’s sad really that the very same work rules that would help ease riders’ frustrations and make the drivers’ lives easier were rejected so overwhelmingly.  At a national level even the TWU has condemned these jokers.  But such is life with such a short sighted group of people.  I wonder if there will be any sympathy strikes…

  • Anonymous

    My public feedback for BART – find a general manager who wants to kill OAC.

  • For anyone worried about Muni issues in the coming weeks, if you live more than 3 miles from where you work, now might be a good time to invest in an electric bicycle.  (If you live closer than 3 miles, you might as well just use a regular bicycle. 3 miles is pretty easy to cover even at a mild pace wearing street clothes. And if you’re interested in incorporating more exercise in your life, also stick with a regular bike.)

    With an electric bicycle, you can tackle hills no problem, you can get to and from work without getting the least bit sweaty, and with a set of panniers, you even carry home substantial amounts of groceries. In general, an electric bicycle will get you places reliably and quite a bit faster than Muni, and it’s also more fun. Electric bicycles top out at 20mph, they’re quiet, and emit no fumes. Get a good lock, use the latest bike map to pick a calm route, and you may find you’ve made a permanent transition. If you find an electric bike is not for you, there is good resale value on Craig’s list.

    As time goes on, I find I am riding my regular bike more and my electric bike less because I want the exercise, but there are some things the electric bike is invaluable for. (Big hills!  Going to the symphony! Carrying home groceries!)

  • icarus12

    I agree!  While I want to support public transit, MUNI takes too much time for anyone with alternatives and a busy schedule.  I don’t see MUNI and the city making the kind of massive investment to change service in a substantial way.  So I think our solutions to congestion and the personal price of driving ($$$!) in San Francisco will end up being more decentralized and personalized.  Bicycling, Walking, Electric Bicycling, Scooters, Jitneys, and Ride-Sharing are all good with me. 

  • Nick

    Re: Bicyclist Death on Dewey Blvd

    This is an area where the bike lanes are so faded that cars drive in them. They were striped once and forgotten since. The speed limit is also ignored by drivers. it should be 25mph but it’s closer to 40mph. On weekend nights, it’s advisable to stay off this roadway…. DUI Blvd is more like it.