Today’s Headlines

  • N-Judah Train “Rips Wires and Concrete Supports,” Thousands Delayed (SF ExaminerCBS 5)
  • Next SFMTA Chief Will Likely Be a Local Hire (SF Examiner)
  • “Cash-Strapped Muni” Defends Nat Ford’s Severance Pay (SF ExaminerSF Gate)
  • Baker Street Bike Lanes to Be Re-Striped in July (Bike NOPA)
  • Delay In Taxi Fare Hikes Angers Already “Miffed” Cab Drivers (SF Examiner)
  • SamTrans Facility Holds Tour for Dump the Pump Day (SF Gate)
  • Mike’s Bikes Partners With PODS to Send Bikes to Africa (Sac Bee)
  • Man Killed by Amtrak Train in Martinez “Did Not Move Away” (Coco TimesCBS 5)
  • Head-On Crash on GG Bridge Blocks All Southbound Lanes (SF Examiner, CBS 5)
  • More People Taking Transit, Less Driving on GG Bridge (SF Appeal)
  • Details on This Saturday’s Bicycle Music Festival (Bay Bikers Blog)

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  • There’s not much MTA could probably do about Ford’s contract at this point, and Nolan is probably right. What Yee and Avalos should be saying is that Nolan and MTA need to write up a better contract for the NEXT MTA head.

  • Head-On Crash on GG Bridge Blocks All Southbound Lanes. In response, the GG Transit District hired a firm called “Alta Planning” to see what they could do to mitigate such incidents. Alta Planning indicated that the speed limit should be lowered to 10 MPH. Then I woke up.

  • mikesonn

    Well put.

  • mikesonn

    Very true, but didn’t Ford just extend his contract in January? And Yee and Avalos are obviously just playing politics here, if they really cared they would have spoken up months, if not years, ago. I’d expect this from Yee, but Avalos, I thought, would be better than this.

    And maybe the MTC should step in and make all the transit agencies write better contracts in the future as BART’s outgoing CEO got a nice fat check as well. And let us not forget our favorite CEO of all, Scanlon, who brings home the extra slices of bacon.

  • Bob Davis

    Speed limit to 10 mph?  That would make things a lot safer, but imagine trying to enforce it, especially among the affluent “my time is worth BIG BUCKS” Marin County dwellers.

  • You miss the irony re: Bike Path speed limit…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help digging into numbers and the results can be interesting. It seems SF Appeal picked up a WSJ story without verifying the source data. Unless I’m missing some sort of new math, it looks like GG Transit made a source error that’s been picked up.

    Their own data shows there are fewer cars crossing the GG Bridge, and that they have *fewer* riders on buses and ferries this year compared with last, not more.

  • Masonic will be the death….

    Normally I would be pissed to hear a road crew banging around at 8 am on a Saturday, but today those sounds brought with it much needed paint to Baker st. While the southbound bike lane still needs its final strip the yellow line and northbound lane are now in place. Now the ever forgetful traffic in the area will once again have a visual reminder that Baker from Fell north is only one lane each way, and that there are actually bike lanes.

    A big thanks to SFMTA for the lane painting that should have been completed weeks ago.

  • Alex

    Tom Radulovich took the words out of my mouth:

    “Is Nat the fall guy for an administration that never really supported what the MTA was doing? Yeah.  It’s unrealistic to expect much more of Nat’s successor until the political calculus changes.”

    Ed Lee just cost us $400,000 unnecessarily, and has left the MTA without even the facade of leadership that Ford provided as they head towards a number of critical moments. Great job, Ed.

    You don’t need a better contract (in fact one of the news agencies pointed out that the $400,000 pay out was likely not a contractual obligation, but to head off any /potential/ legal action by Ford).

    It’s not Ford that needs to be changed, nor is it the bullshit contract, it’s the people pulling his strings. As long as you have anti-transit people like Chiu, Chu, Lee, Pak, Brown, Kim, etc in charge, what do you expect?  Is MAP still on the board?  Ugh.

    Call up your district sup, ask them what they plan to do in the wake of Nat Ford’s departure.  I called up Chu’s office, and after picking through the Texas-oilman-slick of PR that I received I asked what role they would take in the selection of a new MTA head and was greeted with silence.

    When there’s neither checks nor balances to the person picking the head of the MTA… yeah it doesn’t matter what the contract sez.